January 27th, 2011

Hunt for the Decepticons Tracker Hound Reviewed

Need an Autobot who can sniff out trouble and deal with it at the same time? Then Tracker Hound is your 'bot! This figure is a redeco of the Hound released for the "Classics/Universe 2.0" line, but he's part of the movie universe! Take a look my review of Tracker Hound.

Hunt for the Decepticons Override Reviewed

Among the Decepticons fighting against the Autobots in the wake of the Fallen's defeat is Override, a robot in disguise who transforms from a sports car to robot and back, terrorizing those around him! takes a look at this Legends Sideways redeco in its review of Legends Class Override.

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We now have the go-ahead to start shipping this fantastic closing set to
the Blackest Night Series of figures. This assortment includes Indigo
Tribe the Atom, Black Lantern Black Flash, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor and
Sinestro Corps Scarecrow. Each is available singly at $16.99, or you can
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January 26th

Power Core Combiners Crankcase with Destrons reviewed

Crankcase is unpleasant even among a group as dangerous as the Decepticons. Now he's been upgraded and given command of a team called the Destrons, so you know he's even more trouble now! This set of Power Core Combiners figures features a redeco of Huffer and vehicles from both the Combaticon and Aerialbot sets! Take a look at my review of Crankcase with the Destron Drones.

A day in the life of an "undercover" employee at Hasbro

Recently, Fortune Magazine listed the makers of "Transformers", Hasbro one of the top one hundred companies to work for. They credit their employee friendly "half day Fridays" and time devoted to children as factors in this decision. A Fortune blogger recently went into Hasbro as an "undercover employee" for a day to get a sense of what working at the company is like.

Generations Sergeant Kup Reviewed

When you're an older Autobot surrounded by turbo revvin' young punks, sometimes you've got to show the youngins just how to fight the Decepticons. That's Sergeant Kup's job and with his musket rifle in tow, this Autobot is ready to get the job done! reviews Generations Kup, the first all new Kup figure in years!

January 24th

Generations Skullgrin Reviewed

This G1 inspired figure represents a character who once once a Hollywood star and Decepticon warrior! No, seriously! The once and former Pretender is now back as a redeco and retool of Darkmount in the Generations toy line. Check out's review of Generations Skullgrin!

January 22nd

Generations "War for Cybertron" Cliffjumper reviewed

Unlike most of his Autobot brethren, Cliffjumper has itched for a fight since before the days of the Autobot and Decepticon war. Once the war came he got the chance to put some 'cons in his crosshairs and now he battles with relish! Take a look at's review of Generations Cliffjumper based on his "War for Cybertron" model!

January 16th

Reveal the Shield Bumblebee Reviewed

The Autobot's top espionage agent is back in the "Reveal the Shield" toy line in all new colors! Check out's review of the newest redeco of Bumblebee with Wave Crusher!

Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar Reviewed

Forward, avanti and like, go for the gusto! 2011 brings Transformers fans a new version of Wreck-Gar, proving that even if you're made of junk you can still be an awesome Transformers character and figure! Check out's review of this new "Reveal the Shield" Wreck-Gar figure!