November 27th, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class The Fallen reviewed

While Megatron wreaked havoc on Earth, a more malevolent and ancient force was working behind the scenes to manipulate events. He is The Fallen and as I recover from turkey coma, you can check out my review of the Legends version of this character!

November 25th

Black Friday Transformers sales round up

During this time of year, we all think of friends, family, turkey and shopping. Thanksgiving traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season, and a bunch of Transformers related sales are on their way. See the list below!

Walmart will be selling exclusive two packs of Scout Class figures for $9.00. Check out the ad here.

November 21st

Revenge of the Fallen Legends Mudflap reviewed

Joining the ranks of Legends Class figures is Mudflap, one of the Autobot twin brothers. What do I think of this figure? Found it in my review of Legends Class Mudflap!

Revenge of the Fallen Tankor Reviewed

Once a Transformer with the vocabulary of the Incredible Hulk, Tankor went on to become one of the most nefarious villains of the Beast Machines saga. Now a redeco in the "Revenge of the Fallen" line takes its inspiration from this character. Go here to see my review of Legends Class Tankor!

November 14th

Transformers Movie Premium Bumblebee Reviewed

Towards the end of the first Transformers movie toy line, a series of figures were given new decos to better match their CGI counterparts on the big screen. One of these was Bumblebee, released as "Premium Bumblebee". Check out the review for this figure here.

November 8th

Upcoming figures in package - Gravity Bots Bolt Bumblebee, RPM Nightwatch Bumblebee and more! has obtained images of several upcoming Transformers figures. First up is a redeco of Gravity Bots Bumblebee, this time in a predominantly black color with lightning bolt patterns in gold. Also check out in package images of Sideswipe versus Wreckloose (a redeco of Sideways), Jetfire and Nightwatch Bumblebee vs. Patrol Barricade, two new redecos of RPM Bumblebee and Barricade. Click on the links below to see all the images.

Movie 2007 Stealth Bumblebee Reviewed

Retro review alert! The redeco of the 2009 Concept Camaro Bumblebee known as Stealth Bumblebee has been reviewed. See my thoughts on this figure released last year and see if he should join your personal army of Bumblebees.

November 6th

Revenge of the Fallen Scorponok Reviewed

In the final battle in the desert, the Decepticons pulled out all their forces in an attempt to defeat the Autobots. Among the warriors who joined the fray was Scorponok - and he appears again in the toy line as Stalker Scorponok, check out his review here.

November 5th

Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battler Grappel Grip Mudflap Reviewed

Transforming into the Chevrolet concept Trax vehicle, Mudflap is one of the major players in "Revenge of the Fallen". The Fast Action Battler version of this figure features a unique action feature and you can check out his review here!