April 20th, 2009

'Transformers' star Shia LaBeouf opens up about his injuries

"Transformers" and "Indiana Jones" star Shia LaBeouf has been interviewed by Entertainment Weekly. While seen as a rising star, LaBeouf has not been without his problems. His hand injury last year was highly publicized, and the injury was severe enough that it was worked into the story for "Revenge of the Fallen". "...the actor returned to the Transformers set with a specially designed prosthetic bandage that had to be rewritten into the plot line. the article explains.

Protectobots and Omnibots to appear in "Revenge of the Fallen" video game

Stephen Totilo from MTV was given a look at the upcoming "Revenge of the Fallen" video game. During his conversation with the game designers, it was revealed that several "extra" and background characters will be based upon designs of classic Transformers such as the Protectobots. "The developers behind the games are Transformers nerds themselves, I was told. They have used Aerialbots, Stunticons, Combaticons, Protectobots and Omnibots as inspiration for the unnamed robots players will encounter in the game." the article states.

Hasbro 1st-quarter profit falls 47 percent

In another sign that we live in rough times, Hasbro posted a first quarter drop in its profits. 47% is huge, and the recent price increases on several action figure products in Wal-Mart and Target aisles probably didn't help. "In the U.S., Star Wars, Playskool, Nerf and board game sales were strong, but sales of Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers and Marvel brands declined." the article states. My guess is that with the release of "Wolverine" and "Revenge of the Fallen", this situation will be temporary.

"The Transformers" complete first season to be issued by Shout! Factory

For weeks now, news has been buzzing about a new run of the original Transformers series on DVD. Man fans missed out on the Rhino sets released in the early 2000's, and getting them on the aftermarket is just way too pricey, especially in these tough times. Worse yet? Some of the episodes have "new" sound effects (which were more distracting than anything else) and they are missing some visual fx from the original broadcast versions. Shout! Factory has worked to rectify this leading to their new release. The official press release is below:


April 12th

Beast Machines Transformers toy review section restored

In 1999, the Beast Wars ended and gave way to a weird new storyline involving Cybertron being conquered by Megatron and an army of mindless drones known as the Vehicons! This dark time in Cybertronian history was chronicled in the two season "Beast Machines" show, and now you can go back in time and read up on the reviews of the "Beast Machines" toys. Read up on Beast Machines in the toy review section!

"Revenge of the Fallen" video game trailer released

Entertainment web site Hollywood Chicago has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Revenge of the Fallen" video game by Activision. The trailer features scenes from the game and a voice over by Peter Cullen himself! This was the same trailer that was shown at February's Toy Fair. Take a look at it here!

April 10th

"Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" CGI character renders released

Several renders of key characters from "Revenge of the Fallen" have appeared online at various web sites. The characters featured include Ravage, Sideswipe, Starscream and "The Fallen" himself! You can view these on several sites including, and I love how high quality these renders are.

New Transformers "Revenge of the Fallen" trailer with "Wolverine"?

The rumor mill for the "Revenge of the Fallen" is churning quick, and the latest is that a new "Revenge of the Fallen" trailer may be shown before showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", opening May 1! For those in the know, Paramount recently pulled off a wonderful publicity stunt for their upcoming "Star Trek" release, so it is no surprise they are now ramping up promotion for "Transformers" as well. Let's hope there is a new trailer complete with exciting new footage for fans to drool over!

April 9th

Transformers Animated Lunchboxes!

A trip to my comic shop netted a really cool find: Transformers Animated lunchboxes! Take a look at The Transformers Animated lunchbox gallery to check these guys out.

April 6th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Tread Bolt Reviewed

One of my favorite Transformers concepts ever were "Micromasters", tiny Transformers that were sold in multi-packs or with transforming bases. It's a concept that was later revived for the Mini-Cons, showing its an idea that can endure into the modern age of Transformers. Now, one of the Micromasters from G1 returns as a redeco of Classics Jetfire. Check out the review for Universe Tread Bolt!