August 16th, 2009

Reign of Starscream Issue #3 Reviewed

Starscream returns to Cybertron and things begin to look worse and worse for the Autobots. Who will rise up to lead the remaining Autobot resistance fighters against his mad plan? Find out in my review of "Reign of Starscream #3".

August 14th

Sponsor News: Nike Transformers Sneakers in stock at Image Anime!

In July 2009 a very limited run of special Transformers based sneakers were released as a House of Hoops exclusive. Limited to only three US Stores (Chicago, NY and LA) these hard to find items are as cool as they are hard to find. Official numbers haven't been releaed, but it is likely there are less than 1,000 of these in existence. Image Anime has a limited stock of these items available at Image Anime's site.

August 13th

"Reign of Starscream" #2 reviewed

As the events of the first "Transformers" movie conclude, we get to see what Starscream was up to until he retreated into space. Read my review of "Reign of Starscream" #2 and see if he was planning a new Decepticon Empire or knitting a sweater for Ravage! (Hint: Ravage doesn't like sweaters).

Autobot Sideswipe goes eco-friendly

One of the newest characters introduced in "Revenge of the Fallen" is Sideswipe, a new version of the classic G1 character. This one doesn't transform into a Lamborgini however, he transforms into the concept GM Corvette. It looks awesome and as it turns out, is a hybrid! Wired has posted an article discussing this vehicle's unique engine which you can read about on their web site along with some really nice photos of this sleek vehicle.

August 11th

Revenge of the Fallen Dirt Boss reviewed

In one of the more unique Transformers to come out in years, this Decepticon has the vehicle form of a forklift. Read my review of Revenge of the Fallen Dirt Boss.

Bloomberg reports on Transformers and G.I. Joe helping Hasbro

A recent Bloomberg video report discusses Hasbro's current state as a toy company. While many of its results are down in the markets, G.I. Joe and Transformers are helping it perform this summer. You can view the video below.

io9 Previews IDW Bumblebee Mini-Series

Two years after the events in the Transformers movie, the relationship between Bumblebee and Sam gets strained. But can Sam stand against Decepticons without the help of his guardian? That is the basis of the upcoming mini-series by IDW Publishing. You can see a preview of this mini-series at

IDW Publishing: Spotlight Wheele Reviewed

Often reviled by most Transformers fans, IDW Publishing took a risk in June 2008 by publishing a spotlight focused on the small Autobot Wheelie. Today's comic book review focuses on this issue. Read my review of Spotlight Wheelie here.

August 9th

Transformers Animated Safeguard Reviewed

Born from a split Protoform, these two Autobot brothers were chosen to become two of the most powerful warriors ever developed by Autobot science. They are Jetfire and Jetstorm, two Autobots who combine into the awesome Safeguard! Take a look at my review of this two pack here.

August 5th

"Reign of Starscream" #1 comic book reviewed

So what the heck was Starscream doing while Megatron was getting the Allspark shoved into his chest? See what adventure took place alongside the events of the first "Transformers" movie in my review of "Reign of Starscream" #1.