July 7th, 2009

Optimus Prime reads the Top Ten on David Letterman

Ever wonder what the top ten list on David Letterman's talk show would be like if read by Optimus Prime? Wonder no more! Last night, Optimus Prime (most likely voiced by Peter Cullen himself!) read off a Top Ten list of things that sound cool when said by a giant robot. ILM even produced custom CGI for the skit, which is impressive in its own right. If you've ever wanted to hear Optimus Prime say "Dawg" or "Sex and the City", this is a must see!

July 5th

Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Bumblebee Reviewed

While his presence in "Revenge of the Fallen" is not as major as his role in the first "Transformers" film, Bumblebee still gets to star in several key fight scenes and he gets a whole new Robot Replicas figure. You can read the review of Robot Replicas Bumblebee here.

"Revenge of the Fallen" reaches over $590 million worldwide

The LA Times reports that despite a drop of 61% from it's opening weekend, "Revenge of the Fallen" still grossed enough to beat out "Ice Age 3" and has now earned a worldwide total of $591.4 million. This is amazing as it is well on its way to coming close to the box office take of the first "Transformers" film which took in over $708 million.

July 4th

Revenge of the Fallen Knock Out Reviewed

Arcee and Chromia aren't the only motorcycle Transformers zipping around the Transformers movie universe. There's also an eager Autobot who wants to prove himself named Knock Out. Start off your 4th of July by by reading Knock Out's review here.

July 3rd

Revenge of the Fallen Ransack Reviewed

From the "Revenge of the Fallen" line comes an unexpected figure, a Decepticon with an alternate mode that isn't a sleek, modern plane of any sort but rather a bi-plane of yesteryear! Read the review for Ransack to check out this unique Transformer.

July 2nd

Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

Inspired by the Generation One medic of the same name, one of the Autobots from the Transformers film universe has been given the Robot Replicas treatment. Take a look at the review for Robot Replicas Autobot Ratchet for details and photos of this figure.

"Revenge of the Fallen" brings in the cash overseas

"Revenge of the Fallen" has not only been a success in the US, but overseas the film is enjoying fantastic box office returns overseas as well. Variety reports that the film has grossed a total of $220 million overseas as of Tuesday. The article predicts continued financial growth for the Transformers sequel overseas stating "The first "Transformers" grossed $318 million domestically and $389 million overseas. Sequel should have no trouble jumping the $400 million mark at the foreign B.O.".

July 1st

Revenge of the Fallen Breakaway Reviewed

The Autobots gain another flier in the form of an enthusiastic Autobot named Breakaway. Check out my review of deluxe Breakaway and see if this oddball Autobot should be part of your army!

June 30th

Robot Replicas Starscream and Autobot Skids reviewed

One is a Decepticon Air Commander armed to the teeth. The other is a wise cracking, weird looking Autobot warrior. Both are stars of "Revenge of the Fallen" given the Robot Replicas treatment. Check out the reviews for Robot Replicas Autobot Skids and Starscream.

Critics and audiences experience a disconnect as "Revenge of the Fallen" does well despite negative reviews

The LA Times interviewed Michael Bay regarding the critical reaction to "Revenge of the Fallen". Despite horrible reviews that call "Revenge of the Fallen" everything from "beyond bad" (Rolling Stone) to "sloppy" (The Village Voice), "Revenge of the Fallen" has become the holder of a second place spot for movie earnings in a five day period, surpassed only by last year's "The Dark Knight". Director Michael Bay doesn't seem surprised by this. Says Bay "I think they reviewed the wrong movie.