February 26th, 2010

New "War for Cybertron" trailer features gameplay and new cinematics!

A new trailer for the upcoming video game "War for Cybertron" has been released, featuring the much anticipated in-game play along with some new cinematics. It's quite a spectacular and features some intense battle scenes involving characters like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Starscream and Omega Supreme!

February 24th

Revenge of the Fallen Strike Mission Sideswipe Reviewed

As part of his membership with the forces of N.E.S.T., Sideswipe has given himself a new deco and the label of "Strike Mission Sideswipe". See if this Autobot should join your N.E.S.T. forces in my review here!

February 23rd

Transformers Animated Arcee and Cybertron Mode Ratchet reviewed

February 2010 has seen the release of two long awaited "Animated" Transformers figures: Arcee and Cybertron Mode Autobot Ratchet! These Toys R Us exclusive figures have been hot sellers and I was finally able to get my hands on them to review. Check out my reviews for Arcee and Cybertron Mode Autobot Ratchet!

February 20th

"Transmissions", the podcast premieres!

After spending a couple years just listening to podcasts, I've finally decided to put a small one together. I'm no audio professional, I admit, but I thought it would be a fun way to share my thoughts with fellow fans in a more contemporary format. My Podcast page is based on and in homage to the classic G1 comic book's letters page, the Podcast is called "Transmissions".

February 19th

Last Stand of the Wreckers #2 Reviewed

Tensions build as the Wreckers get closer to their target - Garrus 9! Meanwhile, Impactor joins the team again, but what haunts him from the past? All this and a look at Overlord's past in The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue #2!

February 18th

Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 Reviewed

The Autobot army is on the run and one of their strongholds has fallen. It's up to the team known as the Wreckers to set things straight, but can they do it with a bunch of new recruits? The adventure begins in "Last Stand of the Wreckers" and BWTF has reviewed the first issue here!

February 17th

Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker Reviewed

Originally a name ascribed to a Generation One Micromaster who transformed into a car(!), this time out the name Skystalker belongs to a Decepticon who takes to the skies before swooping down and snatching away his enemies with his claws! Check out my review of Scout Class Skystalker from "Revenge of the Fallen"!

Amazon Japan lists upcoming Japanese exclusives

Amazon Japan has listed several upcoming Transformers items that will be exclusive to Japan. The listings include clear images of each item. These figures include Buzz Lightyear, Alternity Starscream, Alternity Skywarp, Powered Up Optimus Prime (from Revenge of the Fallen) and a redeco of Voyager Class Megatron from Revenge of the Fallen.

February 13th

BWTF's Toy Fair 2010 coverage begins

Today I had the great fortune of visiting The Times Center in New York City and attending Hasbro's Toy Fair 2010 event. I've begun to post photos from the event in the Toy Fair 2010 album. More photos will go up between tonight and tomorrow as well as a written report. Check out cool stuff like Power Core Combiners, upcoming Star Wars Transformers, new RPM's and more!

Added: The "Hunt for the Decepticons" begins in 2010! I've added images from this sub-line that continues the story of the "Revenge of the Fallen".

Update 2/17/10: I've added the official, high resolution images provided by Hasbro to several sections including the Power Core Combiners and "Hunt for the Decepticons". Enjoy!

February 12th

Wall Street Journal Article: "Hasbro: 2010 Growth In EPS, Revenue May Be Back-End Loaded "

The Wall Street Journal has reported that while Hasbro experienced blockbuster profits last year thanks to brands like Transformers and G.I. Joe, their relative lack of movie tie-ins at the beginning of 2010 may result in lighter profits towards the beginning of the year. According to the article: "Hasbro's financial results in the first half of 2009 benefited as the toy maker shipped products to retailers that were tied in with the movie hits "Transformers 3" and "G.I.