May 5th, 2009

Revenge is Burger King!

With the release of "Revenge of the Fallen" fast approaching, announcements of promotional tie-ins have begun as well. Burger King has released a press release detailing its Transformers promotion. The promotion will include a contest which includes food prices and a chance to win a 2010 Camaro. Toy collectors won't be left out in the cold as kids meals will come with Transformers figures as well!

April 30th

Revenge is coming - New "Revenge of the Fallen" trailer online now!

As if you need an invitation? Head over to Yahoo! Movies now to see the new trailer for "Revenge of the Fallen". The scope of this movie is huge and really shows that as big as we thought the first film was, this one ups the ante significantly!

April 27th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Legends Starscream reviewed

How three Starscream reviews wound up on the front page of BWTF at one time I don't know. Fortunately, the fabric of space-time hasn't collapsed as a consequence, so it's cool. Seriously, check out my review of Universe 2.0 Legends Starscream.

April 26th

Transformers Animated Waspinator izzzz reviewed!

Autobot Wasp feel funny when spider-bot give him Transwarp treatment. Now have bigger body and strong! Wasp not puny Autobot anymore, now Wasp is Waspinator! Read BWTF review of cool Waspinator toy here!

Linkin Park working on song and score for "Revenge of the Fallen"

The music group Linkin Park has officially confirmed that they are working on both the song and score for "Revenge of the Fallen". This was announced on the official Linkin Park blog. The band will work with Hans Zimmer on the pieces of the score based on their song. The blog states "We met with Hans last week, and heard some of the incredible things he and his guys have done with our new song.

April 25th

Target Exclusive Storm Surge reviewed

At the beginning of 2008, Target launched its final group of exclusive Scout Class figures all belonging in the "Movie universe". One of these last figures was Storm Surge, a redeco of Cybertron Shortround. With a fun new deco, you just might want this little guy on your Decepticon team. Check out Storm Surge's review here.

Ad Age discusses how Hasbro's move into the entertainment industry

Advertising Age has posted an article discussing how Hasbro has worked to position its various toy brands as Hollywood and entertainment properties. "Transformers" was clearly cited as an example, as is the upcoming G.I. Joe film. Among other brands mentioned as upcoming movies are "Battleship" (in development with Peter Berg of "Friday Night Lights" fame) and "Stretch Armstrong" (in development with Steve Odekerk of "Bruce Almighty" fame).

The Otago Daily Times interviews Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

The Otago Daily Times has posted an interview with "Revenge of the Fallen" writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. There is only a passing mention of "Revenge of the Fallen". The article focuses on how the two met and formed their writing partnership.

Transformers Animated Starscream Reviewed

No, you're not seeing double. Hot on the heels of my Activators Starscream review is a review of his much larger, Voyager Class counterpart! Read the review here to check out photos and my thoughts on this version of the Decepticon Air Commander.

Leonard Nimoy in "Revenge of the Fallen"? Maybe...or not.

MTV Movie Blog posted an interesting article related to the voice overs for the various Transformers characters in "Revenge of the Fallen". One science fiction legend who once lent his voice to a Transformer is Leonard Nimoy, and Bay was asked if his familial link to the famous "Star Trek" actor would help lure the star into lending his voice to a Transformer in "Revenge of the Fallen". While Bay would love to do this, he explains that it isn't as simple as it seems.