February 9th, 2010

"War for Cybertron" Shockwave revealed!

As Toy Fair draws near, more news about Hasbro's plans for Transformers has been released. Previously it had been revealed that a preorder at Gamestop of this game will allow you to obtain a code that will unlock Shockwave! has a render of the character in their article about the game here.

NY Times: Hasbro Shares Rise Sharply on Higher-Than-Expected Earnings and a Positive Forecast

It's a rough economy out there right now so whenever there's good news it's always welcome. Hasbro actually reported an increase in profits, sending its shares up 12 percent. According to the article: "Transformers, helped by the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” movie in June, took in $592 million in revenue in 2009, up 23 percent compared with 2007, when the original “Transformers” movie was released." You can read the entire article here.

Revenge of the Fallen Brawn Reviewed

In any generation of Transformers this guy is one rough and tough Autobot. Revenge of the Fallen brings us another incarnation of everyone's favorite tough guy: Brawn! Check out's review of Revenge of the Fallen Brawn.

February 7th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Hot Shot Reviewed

I remember when "Armada" was brand new and Hot Shot was a young, hot headed character much in the vein of G1's Hot Rod. To celebrate Armada, this character was given a new sculpt and released as part of the Universe line in 2008. You can read my review of this figure here.

February 5th

Sponsor News: New Transformers items at Bigbadtoystore!

And now, a word from our sponsors:

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February 4th

Revenge of the Fallen Armorhide Reviewed

As part of their alliance with the forces of N.E.S.T., one of the Autobots has taken the form of a Chenowth dune buggy. Armorhide is one cool figure and you can check out my review to see why!

Press Release: Hasbro announces N.E.S.T. promotion with mail away Ravage figure and webisodes! received the following press release from our friends at Hunter PR:


The Transformers Adventure Continues As Hasbro Invites Kids To Join The AUTOBOTS And The Elite N.E.S.T. Team

February 3rd

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime themed lots up on ebay

I was doing a bit of organizing this past weekend and dug up some extra items (in package) that you folks may want to bid on. I'm asking under retail price just so I can clear out the space! There are two lots on ebay. One is a Bumblebee-themed lot with a Bumblebee Human Alliance figure, Gravity-Bot, NEST Bumblebee and mask, that auction is here.

January 29th

"War for Cybertron" Optimus Prime and Megatron figures revealed!

In the past two months, Transformers fans have gotten exciting looks into the upcoming "War for Cybertron" Transformers video game and toys. Now multi-media web site has landed an exclusive scoop, showing off images of both Optimus Prime and Megatron from the video game in toy form!

January 28th

Revenge of the Fallen Mudflap and Skids "Ice Cream Truck" Reviewed

Ding-a-ling Decepticons! This duo of Autobot twins has taken on the sneaky (and unconventional form) of an ice cream truck! You can now read my review of this unique Transformers figure here.