April 12th, 2009

Beast Machines Transformers toy review section restored

In 1999, the Beast Wars ended and gave way to a weird new storyline involving Cybertron being conquered by Megatron and an army of mindless drones known as the Vehicons! This dark time in Cybertronian history was chronicled in the two season "Beast Machines" show, and now you can go back in time and read up on the reviews of the "Beast Machines" toys. Read up on Beast Machines in the toy review section!

"Revenge of the Fallen" video game trailer released

Entertainment web site Hollywood Chicago has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Revenge of the Fallen" video game by Activision. The trailer features scenes from the game and a voice over by Peter Cullen himself! This was the same trailer that was shown at February's Toy Fair. Take a look at it here!

April 10th

"Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" CGI character renders released

Several renders of key characters from "Revenge of the Fallen" have appeared online at various web sites. The characters featured include Ravage, Sideswipe, Starscream and "The Fallen" himself! You can view these on several sites including, and I love how high quality these renders are.

New Transformers "Revenge of the Fallen" trailer with "Wolverine"?

The rumor mill for the "Revenge of the Fallen" is churning quick, and the latest is that a new "Revenge of the Fallen" trailer may be shown before showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", opening May 1! For those in the know, Paramount recently pulled off a wonderful publicity stunt for their upcoming "Star Trek" release, so it is no surprise they are now ramping up promotion for "Transformers" as well. Let's hope there is a new trailer complete with exciting new footage for fans to drool over!

April 9th

Transformers Animated Lunchboxes!

A trip to my comic shop netted a really cool find: Transformers Animated lunchboxes! Take a look at The Transformers Animated lunchbox gallery to check these guys out.

April 6th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Tread Bolt Reviewed

One of my favorite Transformers concepts ever were "Micromasters", tiny Transformers that were sold in multi-packs or with transforming bases. It's a concept that was later revived for the Mini-Cons, showing its an idea that can endure into the modern age of Transformers. Now, one of the Micromasters from G1 returns as a redeco of Classics Jetfire. Check out the review for Universe Tread Bolt!

"Transformers" Marvel artist Frank Springer (1929-2009)

Newsday reports that artist Frank Springer has passed away at the age of 79. Springer was one of the original group of artists that brought the "Transformers" of yesteryear to life on the printed page was Frank Springer. His work on the Generation One comic book was memorable and among the best that title ever turned out. Born in Jamaica, Queens in 1929, he attended Syracuse University and served in the military.

GM's troubles deprive 'Transformers 2' of crucial horsepower

Bumblebee at the GM displayIt is no secret that the automotive industry is currently feeling some of the worst of the worldwide recession. Unfortunately, this also means that our beloved Robots in Disguise are affected as well. The Los Angeles Times reports that GM will be scaling back its promotional efforts for "Revenge of the Fallen" significantly compared to what it contributed to the original Transformers live action film in 2007.

April 5th interviews "Transformers Animated" art director Derrick Wyatt

Fellow fan Transformers site has published a fantastic interview with "Transformers Animated" art director Derrick Wyatt. In the interview, they discuss cameos, characters, season three and more! Check it out here.

Sunday morning reviews: Legends Bumblebee and Universe 2.0 Autobot Blades!

Ah, it's nice to have a hot cup of coffee and sit down to some nice BWTF reviewing on a Sunday morning. Today's offerings are reviews of the Legends Class Bumblebee figure and the redeco of Cybertron Evac into Autobot Blades! Sit back with your bowl o' cereal and enjoy these two reviews.