October 18th, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen Thrust reviewed

The Seeker army in the Transformers Movie universe grows! As part of the current wave of deluxe figures, Breakaway has been give a new head and deco as a homage to the G1 Seeker Thrust. See my review of Revenge of the Fallen Thrust in the Revenge of the Fallen toy review section.

October 13th

Revenge of the Fallen Smokescreen reviewed

First introduced as a diversionary tactician in the G1 series, the name Smokescreen would pop up now and again in the Transformers line as a character who became everything from a Decepticon jet to a crane. Now he's back to being an Autobot car serving under Optimus Prime. Check out my review of Smokescreen from "Revenge of the Fallen".

October 11th

Revenge of the Fallen Autobot Gears Reviewed

Why would you keep a soldier in your army who constantly whines and complains? Optimus Prime knows why - to keep the spirits of your other soldiers up! That's the role that Autobot Gears plays and this G1 inspired character has been reviewed here.

Writing duo of Kurtzman and Orci move on from the Transformers universe

There's no doubt that the duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been on a fast track to Hollywood writing greatness the past few years. Their work on the first Transformers film translated a story to live action that many never thought would be possible. Their work on the recent "Star Trek" movie helped bring the franchise back from life support.

October 10th

Revenge of the Fallen Blazemaster reviewed

Among the new sculpts released in this current wave of Transformers is Blazemaster, a homage to the original G1 Micromaster of the same name. If you've ever wanted a Transformer who transforms into a news helicopter, this is your guy. Read my review of this figure in the Revenge of the Fallen toy review section.

October 9th

Botcon 2009 Exclusive "Wings of Honor" boxed set for sale

Missed Botcon 2009? Want to get a set that features a cool new version of Scourge and some of the coolest Autobot heroes of yesteryear? Then head on over to my ebay auction to bid on the "Wings of Honor" boxed set only available at Botcon 2009 this past summer. Happy bidding!

October 6th

Transformers Animated Activators Dirge Reviewed

One of the more difficult to obtain Activators is Dirge, a redeco of Activators Starscream. Head on over to the Animated section to read my review of Activators Dirge!

October 4th

Transformers Allspark Power Overcast reviewed

Towards the end of the toy line for the 2007 Transformers movie toy line, Hasbro released a sub-line of figures called "Allspark Power". Among the redecos in this line was Overcast, a Decepticon flier who can control the weather! Read my review of this figure here.

October 3rd

"Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Dead End reviewed

Most of the time only headliner characters like Starscream or Bumblebee get multiple versions of themselves as action figures, and very few are produced that represent more than one incarnation of the character. In this case however, it was one that never even appeared on screen: Dead End. First a Scout Class figure, he is now a deluxe and you can read my review of the figure here!

October 2nd

"Revenge of the Fallen" Fast Action Battler Jetfire reviewed

Just when you think Kup is one of the oldest, crankiest Transformers out there, Hasbro introduces one that has him beat by a mile. In "Revenge of the Fallen" that title goes to Jetfire, once a Decepticon and now one of the last hopes for Earth's survival. Check out my review of Photon Missile Jetfire to see an interesting take on the character.