August 5th, 2009

"Reign of Starscream" #1 comic book reviewed

So what the heck was Starscream doing while Megatron was getting the Allspark shoved into his chest? See what adventure took place alongside the events of the first "Transformers" movie in my review of "Reign of Starscream" #1.

August 4th

Transformers Animated Leader Class Megatron Reviewed

Who hasn't wanted a Megatron toy that is not only big, but wields a giant cannon, talks and can transform into a helicopter? Now you can have one in the form of Leader Class Animated Megatron. You can read my review of the figure here.

August 1st

IDW Publishing Spotlight #11 Blaster Reviewed

In the IDW universe, the Autobot known as Blaster is "The Voice", a rallying cry that Autobots on the battlefield can take to heart when they confront their foes. But someone has betrayed "The Voice". Who is it? Find out in my review of Spotlight Blaster.

July 31st

IDW Publishing Spotlight #7 Kup Reviewed

Trapped on an alien world, the legendary Autobot Kup is under constant assault by unknown creatures that only come at night. This nightmare scenario is reality in "Spotlight Kup". You can read my review of this issue in the IDW section.

Transformers Timelines "Shattered Glass" Rodimus Reviewed

While Rodimus is an enthusiastic young warrior in the Autobot army, his alternate universe counterpart is not quite as happy go lucky. In the "Shattered Glass" universe, Rodimus is a twisted warrior serving Optimus Prime's Seeker squad. You can now read my review of this alternate universe warrior.

Revenge of the Fallen Rollbar Reviewed

What woudl you disguise yourself as if you wanted to be a super inconspicuous robot in disguise? How about a delivery truck? That's the vehicle mode of this Autobot from the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line. Check out my review of Revenge of the Fallen Rollbar.

IDW Announces New Transformers Series

This week IDW Publishing announced three new Transformers based titles including an ongoing Transformers title! The ongoing title will be helmed by Mike Costa. This is the first Transformers ongoing title in years! In December, writer Zander Cannon and artist Chee bring on a mini-series based on Bumblebee, a spin-off of the ongoing series. The third title "Last Stand of the Wreckers" follows the adventures of Springer, Kup and company running concurrently with the ongoing series. "Wreckers" will be available in January and will be helmed by Nick Roche.

July 28th

Transformers Timelines section restored with new review!

Another section from the old BWTF is back! This time I've restored the "Timelines" section. "Timelines" is a special line of Transformers figures dedicated to stories generally told outside the flow of normal continuity. These figures are exclusive to Botcon and the Transformers Collectors Club. To commemorate this re-opening I have also included a new review! So check out the Timelines section for an index of reviews and the newest addition: Shattered Glass Grimlock!

July 24th

Botcon 2009 Exclusive Leozak up for auction

Did you miss out on this year's Botcon exclusive Leozak figure? Well now is your chance to own this redeco of Energon Starscream in a fantastic color scheme based on the Japanese exclusive G1 figure! This exclusive was only available to those who attended the convention. You can bid on the item on my ebay auction today!

New round of accounts activated

If you've been waiting for your account to be activated, try it now! Over a dozen new users have signed on and you should all be able to log in and participate in board discussions and leave comments on my news stories.