July 23rd, 2009

Catch up review - Spotlight Mirage

What happens if an Autobot switches sides? Could it spell total disaster for the Autobot forces? Spotlight Mirage explores this question when everything is indeed more than meets the eye. Read my review of Spotlight Mirage to see what I thought of this entry into the IDW Universe.

July 22nd

Unicron no, Mini-Cons yes for Transformers 3?

Online magazine IGN recently interviewed "Transformers" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura who shared his thoughts on topics including the controversy surrounding Skids and Mudflap and what characters he would like to see in the upcoming film. Surprisingly, he mentions Mini-Cons saying "I love the Mini-Cons actually - I think they're very cool. I love the lore - every time we approach one of these movies, we go back and read everything we can about it". He also discusses the daunting nature of using a character such as Unicron.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro makes a splash with a special edition and high demand

While sales of most of its vehicles are struggling, auto maker General Motors has seen success with its new Chevrolet Camaro, due in no small part to its appearance as Bumblebee's alternate form in both Transformers films. In reaction to this, GM is now selling the Camaro with an official Transformers "add on package" that includes details such as the Transformers logo and Autobot symbol on the car. According to Edmunds, "The package can be ordered now, on the LT or SS models in Rally Yellow, and costs $995.".

Catch up review - Spotlight: Grimlock

One of the fan favorite characters of an G1 incarnation is Grimlock: the fierce and powerful Dynobot commander. IDW Publishing's Spotlight #14 focuses on this cool character. Check out my "catch up review" of this issue in the IDW section.

July 21st

Catch Up Review - Spotlight: Sixshot

The concept of a "one robot army" has always been a cool one, especially when you're talking about one of the most unusual Transformers ever made. Sixshot not only transforms into six things, but he's a mix of beast and vehicle modes all in one 'bot. In 2006, the fourth IDW Spotlight focused on this character and now you can read my review of this comic here.

July 20th

Catch Up Review - Spotlight: Shockwave

In 2006 IDW launched a line of Transformers comic books that focused on one character at a time while advancing the larger story arc covering the IDW Universe. The first of these was "Spotlight Shockwave" and after much (much) delay, I've reviewed this comic. Check out the review for Spotlight Shockwave!

Hasbro profit tops estimates thanks to Robots in Disguise & G.I. Joe has reported a 4.8% increase in Hasbro's net income, translating into $39.9 million. Toys based on both "Revenge of the Fallen" and "G.I. Joe" are setting high expectations. According to the article "Chief Executive Officer Brian Goldner said he expects the company’s revenue and earnings per share to climb this year.". You can read the entire article on

July 19th

Revenge of the Fallen Stratosphere Reviewed

In Generation One, the Autobots often relied on their gigantic comrade Omega Supreme to transport them to different places in a hurry. In the movie universe, the Autobots have the gigantic Autobot cargo plane Stratosphere. Read my review of this Autobot in the Revenge of the Fallen toy reviews section.

Hasbro Comic-Con 2009 Press Release and exclusive images

It's that time of year again! This week brings the most spantacular media convention aimed towards geeks and fans of all genres of science fiction and fantasy: Comic-Con! Hasbro's press release is below, and you can see images of the hot exclusive items available at this year's convention by following the links below:

July 18th

Comic Book review section restored

I've restored the comic books section as it was when I took my long hiatus from working on BWTF a year ago. It's out of date now, so in time I hope to begin adding new reviews to it and catch up! The Generation 2 comic book reviews also still need to be restored, and I'll be getting to that as soon as I can. Thank you all for your patience.