February 21st, 2009

MTV posts exclusive "Revenge of the Fallen" clip and interview segments

MTV has posted an exclusive video clip from "Revenge of the Fallen" with brief interview clips and several displays of stunts and pyrotechnics on the "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" set. You can view the video below!

At this time the video appears to have been pulled at the request of Paramount. If it is restored later I will add it back on.

February 19th

Two bad dudes get reviewed: Universe Ironhide and Brawn!

In G1 these two guys were known as some of the roughest and toughest warriors the Autobots had to offer. Check out their revamped selves in the reviews for Universe Ironhide and Legends Brawn!

Glu Announces Mobile Transformers Sequel

Glu Mobile, publisher of mobile games has announced it is developing a "Revenge of the Fallen" game, a sequel to its original for the 2007 movie. The article states Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on June 26th. Glu's mobile version will be released on the same day.. There is no indication in the article how the changed release date for "Revenge of the Fallen" will affect the game's release.

MTV’s ‘Spoilers’ Movie Show This Saturday: ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Transformers’ & More!

This Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 8pm ET, MTV "Spoilers" will be showing several clips of various movies coming out this summer including "Revenge of the Fallen"! Don't forget to tune in to check out what new scenes fans will be treated to (and no doubt speculate tons about afterwards).

MTV Movie Blog: Michael Bay Handpicked ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ Concept Cars

The MTV Movie Blog has posted an article discussing Michael Bay's relationship with GM in selecting concept cars for "Revenge of the Fallen". The article states "The success of the Camaro’s appearance, which helped GM by raising awareness of the newly redesigned car, literally opened some big doors for Bay in "Revenge of the Fallen."".

Hasbro issues official "Revenge of the Fallen" Press Release

As fans anticipate the return of the Transformers to the big screen, Hasbro whets our appetites with a press release that details some of the products being released for the movie. Included in the article are pictures of Movie product including several official pictures of the RPM (Robot Powered Machines) and Devastator!

February 18th

Transformers Animated Oil Slick Reviewed

He's a biker, a chemist and a dangerous Decepticon all wrapped up in one nasty package! Oil Slick is the name of this robot in disguise and you can read the review for Transformers Animated Oil Slick here.

February 17th

Masterforce Episode 6: "Showdown in the Wildnerness" gallery restored

The gallery for episode 6 of "Masterforce" has been restored. Check it out to see images of the Headmaster Juniors battling it out over the fate of a discontent biker and his kid sister!

Transformers Animated Swindle reviewed

Need a handy weapons upgrade? Perhaps you're no longer satisfied with your battle armor and want something a bit tougher? Or maybe you are looking for that special gift from Nexus Zero? Whatever the case may be, Swindle is probably the guy you'd want to look to for all your black market purchases! Check out BWTF's review of Animated Swindle to see if you want this double dealing Decepticon in your collection today!

February 16th

Transformers Club "Revenge of the Fallen" Q & A

During Toy Fair 2009, Brian Savage and his crew from Master Collector attended a sneak peak at the Transformers film and a question and answer session. In attendance were Brian Goldner, Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Michael Bay and Tyrese Gibson. You can read the interview here