March 9th, 2009

Transformers Universe Legends Warpath Reviewed

Zowie! Bang! Pow! It's a new review to kick off this Monday! And what better way than to review one of the most explosive personalities from the G1 Autobots? Check out BWTF's review of Legends Warpath. It's a blast! Blam!

March 8th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Legends Class Red Alert Reviewed

Early on in the relaunch of the "Transformers Universe" line, several Cybertron Legends Class figures were given new decos as G1 characters. Among them was Red Alert, and BWTF takes a quick look at this figure in the Universe section.

Transformers Universe Acid Storm reviewed

Once just an odd background character in a G1 episode, this Decepticon Seeker has since gone on to become an official character! Check out BWTF's review of Transformers Universe Acid Storm.

March 7th

Custom Halo Master Chief "Transformer" on ebay

Now here's a new take on the "Crossovers" phenomenon with Transformers, a Halo Master Chief custom figure.

Universe Silverbolt Reviewed

Silverbolt, the famous Aerialbot returns in a sleek new form in the "Transformers Universe" line and BWTF has reviewed this new take on the Aerialbot leader. Once afraid of heights and a simple low altitude carrier, this courageous Autobot now leads a team of crack aerial combat warriors. The review includes images and sounds!

IDW Spotlights: Metroplex and Cliffjumper art revealed

Spotlight Meroplex preview artIDW's own Chris Ryall has posted new images from the upcoming Cliffjumper and Metroplex Spotlights on his blog. Metroplex's art is by Marcelo Matere, famous for his art on Transformers packaging. The Cliffjumper spotlight features two covers, one by Robby Musso and the other by Casey Coller. Robby has done work on previous spotlights including "Ultra Magnus" and he has contributed to the "Beast Wars Sourcebook". Casey has previously worked on titles such as "All Hail Megatron" and Blurr's spotlight.

March 6th

Wal-Mart lists G1 animated DVD set

G1 DVD CoverWal-Mart has put up a listing on their web site for a boxed set of G1 Transformers cartoons called "Transformers: The Complete First Season - 25th Anniversary Edition: More Than Meets The Eye". The product description lists the following information:

During the 1980s, one cartoon series ruled the airwaves..."The Transformers". This is the complete first season that launched "The Transformers" entertainment franchise. It ran beginning in 1984

Actor Hugo Weaving confirms return of Megatron in "Revenge of the Fallen"

Actor Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings, The Matrix) who voiced Megatron in the first Transformers live action film has confirmed the character reappears in "Revenge of the Fallen" during a promotion for his new film "Last Ride" according to AdelaideNow.

Masterforce Episodes 7 and 8 Galleries restored

The ongoing effort to restore BWTF's galleries continues! Today the galleries for Masterforce episode 8: "Panic! Protect the Wildlife" and 9: "The Super Warriors, the Godmaster Brothers" have been added back into the Masterforce gallery.

In episode 7, the Destrons' activities threaten wildlife and the Headmaster Juniors are called in to help.

Transformers Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime reviewed

Before the Autobots arrived on Earth, they each had Cybertronian forms that were somewhat reminscent of the terran forms they would take on later. These forms are often ignored but in "Animated" a version of Optimus Prime was created to reflect his appearance in the first few sequences from the "Animated" pilot movie. To read my thoughts on this figure and see photos, read my Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime review.