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Ten Times "Generation One" Got Silly

If there is one "Holy Scripture" of "Transformers" for many fans, it's the "Generation One" cartoon, the original series that debuted in 1984 and continued animated adventures of the "Transformers" until 1990. This iconic series established many of the templates that are still used to this day. This is where the first Optimus Prime and Megatron battled (long before "Megatronus" or the "13 Primes" were a twinkle in anyone's eye). This is where Bumblebee was a cute little guy who became a Volkswagon Beetle, not a Sports Car. When people critique any fiction nowadays, they inevitably have some part of their mind focused on this era.

As revolutionary and entertaining as "Generation One" was, there were often times where its stories featured some material that was, for the lack of a better term, silly. Sometimes these were just scenes, other times they were elements integral to the plot of the episode. No matter how you look at it, were you to describe these items to a fan who was not familiar with the series, they'd probably think you were kidding. This list celebrates ten of these wonderful moments.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a "Generation One" sucks list. I grew up with this show and thoroughly enjoyed the silliness that it presented. In many cases these oddball bits of "Transformers" fiction were explained within the episodes and in context made as much sense as they possibly could. They were also very entertaining if you didn't take a cartoon about transforming space robots too seriously.

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