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Ten Times "Generation One" Got Silly

1. The time Brawn, Perceptor and Bumblebee hitch a ride on a neural command inside Megatron


In the episode "Microbots", the Autobots Brawn, Perceptor and Bumblebee shrink down so small they can get inside Megatron's mind. When facing resistance inside, they get out of danger in one scene by grabbing onto one of Megatron's neural impulses and riding on it!

2. Optimus Prime's body parts get turned into a mechanical alligator

City of Steel

In "City of Steel", the Decepticons take over New York City, and manage to defeat Optimus Prime in the process. While Megatron keeps Optimus Prime's head as a trophy, the Constructicons turn most of the remnants of his body into...a mechanical alligator. Even better? The "Alligatacon" hung around the sewers of New York City, a riff off the urban legend of alligators in the sewers.

3. Seaspray morphs into an organic, humanoid merman

Sea Change

In "Sea Change", the Autobot's go to naval operations warrior joins up with the Tlalakans who are resisting the tyranny of the evil Deceptitran. During the course of the episode, he jumps into magical pool that changes him from a mechanical Cybertronian into an organic Merman, complete with a big fishtail and He-Man style looks. To be fair, his love interest in the Tlalakan army (yes, you read that right) changes herself into a Cybertronian-like robot to fight Deceptitran.

4. Autobots join a Hollywood production to play aliens

Hoist Goes to Hollywood

A group of Autobots wind up becoming players in a Hollywood production. This included them wearing silly looking alien "masks" (with an organic appearance instead of mechanical) and "chasing" the stars of the movie, walking in a manner similar to zombies or monsters like Frankenstein. Oh, and the director calls the Autobot Hoist "Moist".

5. A cute creature made of electricity brings the Autobots to their knees


In an experiment gone wrong, the creature known as "Kremzeek" is created. A small (somewhat cute, depending on your standards) creature, this guy packed a big punch thanks to being made of energy. He winds up wreaking havoc among the Autobots and human population as he yells the only word he knows: "Kremzeek!"

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