Article: 19 Takeaways from "The Last Knight" Trailer #2

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19 Takeaways from the second trailer for "Transformers: The Last Knight"

In mid-March 2017 the second major trailer for "Transformers: The Last Knight" was released online. While there was plenty of footage in this trailer that fans had seen before there were also a bunch of scenes that were new. There was also a lot more dialogue, providing fans with more context around the visuals. Here are twenty takeaways from the trailer (but first, watch it in the embed below!).

1. The War Continues
While the ending of "Age of Extinction" made it seem that the Autobots had won, there was still an army of Decepticons and Vehicons running around. Based on the look of the stadium and the Cybertronian tech inside, it looks like the Autobot/Decepticon war has continued to rage on Earth.

2. Orphaned
Isabela Moner's character "Izzy" appears to have nowhere else to go so she stays with Cade and the Autobots (including the Mini-Dinobots). She mentions she used to have a regular life but then it was taken from her. This would seem to inform the fierce independence and bravery she displays in the trailer.

3. Autobot protector
In one of the earliest trailers for "The Last Knight" we got a look at an Autobot that some speculated was Huffer due to the shape of his head and orange color. Now we know this character's name is Canopy and he protects Izzy and her friends.

4. Canopy falls
Based on the missile hit he takes and his struggling in the trailer, it is possible that Canopy falls and that leads to Izzy (and perhaps her friends) finding Cade and the other Autobots.

5. A girl and her Autobot
Much like the friendship between Rey and BB-8 in "Star Wars The Force Awakens", the Autobot Sqweeks appears to be a loyal friend to Izzy.

6. Bumblebee and Crosshairs appear
The live action Transformers movies have a habit of discarding characters brutally or sometimes without ever mentioning them again. It is good to see Bumblebee and Crosshairs are still working together in this story.

7. Enemy of Earth
In "Age of Extinction" we were introduced to "Cemetary Wind", a group of humans dedicated to hunting down all Transformers no matter their affiliation. It appears some remnant of that group still exists in the military. Not only that, they appear to have salvaged Cybertronian technology to make their own mechs!

8. Megatron is back
Instead of the conflicted Galvatron drone, it looks like Megatron is back and working under his own rules instead of someone else's control. He appears to be acting on his own and leading other Decepticons without any indication humans are involved in their mission.

9. Fearless
Transformers history has featured plenty of human characters who can face down a Transformer in battle. It is great to see Izzy is another of these characters as she defiantly marches towards the Decepticons led by Megatron. In an interesting note, a recent toy image leak seems to indicate the character to Megatron's right may be "Decepticon Nitro".

10. Megatron's close up
Apparently Megatron has decided to "reformat" since his time as "Galvatron". He now appears to be more like some type of savage, medieval warrior complete with curved tusks on his face and what appears to be a sword on his back. I kind of like the idea of the Decepticons being a savage group just roaming Earth and taking what they want. It gives them almost the feel of a group of villains from an 80's sword and sorcery flick.

11. Human weapons
It was shown in the very first live action movies that some types of human weapons are highly effective against Transformers, but the weapon Cade is holding here looks like it was designed especially to fight Transformers. I like the idea that his tinkering may have led to the creation of weapons to fight against Decepticons (assuming he built that weapon he is holding).

12. Optimus Prime down
Most of what we have seen of Optimus Prime so far in previous trailers indicates he is being taken over by some dark force. The give away is the color of his eyes. When he is "evil" they appear purple. However in this scene where the Decepticons are pummeling him they appear blue again, so it seems Optimus goes through a change during the course of the movie.

13. Survivors
It appears the Autobots are hiding out in Cade's junkyard. Not only do we get to see Bumblebee undergoing repairs, but look carefully next to Sqweeks and you'll see Wheelie! While Brains appeared in "Age of Extinction", Wheelie was noticably absent. It looks like he survived after all. Hopefully he is more well behaved this time.

14. Human Alliance
At many points in the trailer it looks like the military is looking for the Autobots. What we don't know is why? Do they need their help? Are they hunting them? Either way, by the time this scene occurs, it looks like humans and Autobots are fighting side by side again.

15. Final Confrontation
This scene looks like a final battle where humans and Autobots team up to take on...something big. The ship shown resembles a part of Lockdown's ship from "Age of Extinction", but it could very well be a "Creator" ship as well.

16. Ancient Room
This scene shows Cade and Vivian in an ancient room full of Cybertronian iconography. I am guessing those statues near them are meant to symbolize "knights" like those alluded to in "Age of Extinction". Whether or not they are abstract or represent real Transformers that existed remains to be seen. I do love the sense of both dread and history this scene conveys. Something ancient is at work here and it seems we will be getting another look into the history of Transformers.

17. Barricade Returns
It was revealed quite some time ago that Barricade would somehow be returning despite has apparent death in the first Transformers film. Like the character in the first movie this Barricade takes on the form of a police car based on a Ford Mustang. This is the first shot fans have seen of the character in action, no doubt chasing down some of our heroes!

18. Techno-Organic?
At the end of the "Beast Machines" series, the planet Cybertron was turned into a techno-organic world where machines and organics were perfectly united. It seems like the Creators and perhaps, parts of Cybertron itself have a similar idea. If you look at this scene, some of the Cybertronian landscape is fused with the Earth landscape. Is Cybertron trying to revive itself by "merging" with Earth? We'll know in June!

19. The Return of Epps
Certain cast members have received the spotlight treatment over the last several months including Josh Duhamel and Isabel Moner. However one actor returning to the Transformers franchise has not been given as much attention: Tyrese Gibson who originated the role of USAF Tech Sergeant Epps in the first live action Transformers film. We knew he was coming back when he posted a photo of himself with director Michael Bay, but little else has been put out there. This quick scene is the first look we are getting at how active of a role the character is playing, and it looks Epps will be back in battle!

"Transformers: The Last Knight" opens in theaters June 23. The film is Produced and Directed by: Michael Bay. Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Jerrod Carmichael, Isabela Moner and Santiago Cabrera.