The BWTF Guide to Throwing a Transformers Themed Party

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A Guide to Throwing a Transformers Themed Party

Birthday parties are a special event for kids. Once a year, they get to feel like the most important kid in the galaxy. Now, some generic decorations, junk food and a cake may be enough for a cool party, but if you want to really elevate your party to new levels you can go with a themed party. For the Transformers fan in your life, what better way to make a birthday special than to create a Transformers themed party? Now you can with a wide array of party supplies from Party City!

Thanks to Party City and Hasbro Ben's World of Transformers brings to you a look at some of the amazing party supplies you can buy to create your special event.

The Party City Transformers Party Supplies all utilize graphics based on the tail end of the "Transformers: Prime" series. Overall these graphics look great. The "Transformers: Prime" CG models had a texture and gravity to them that subsequent shows lacked and it makes them perfect to add on top of other graphics to form attractive looking decorations and supplies.

Transformers Birthday Banner


If you are going to have a birthday, it is best to declare it proudly with a giant "Happy Birthday" banner. But this is not just any banner. This piece measures 10.5 feet long (3.2 M) with 10 inch (25.4 CM) tall letters! The letters are in a modified version of the classic Transformers font with various graphics on them featuring energy bursts in space, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. The center is an Autobot symbol that allows you to stick on numbers to tell your guests what age your fan is turning.

Transformers Honeycomb Decorations


This set contains three "honeycomb" decorations. Basically think of these as globes that fold out from a flat shape. Each pack contains one Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Autobot symbol decoration. Each piece is about 5.5 inches (13.9 cm) high. They are very easy to assemble and look great. I would recommend getting a couple packs. One to go around the birthday banner, another to go into a main play area, perhaps another pack around a table with food. These definitely help add to the ambiance of a Transformers themed party.

Transformers Swirl Decorations

Swirl Decorations

Want to add variety to the decorations that hang off your ceiling? Throw in a pack of 12 Swirl Decorations! This pack includes a variety of decorations that each feature a cardboard design (ranging from Bumblebee with the "Transformers" logo to the Autobot symbol) hanging off a metallic piece of plastic. The sizes range from 7 inches (17.7 cm) to 5 inches (12.7 cm). Perhaps my favorite part of these decorations are the "swirl" parts. The metallic colors are beautiful and they are nicely color coordinated with the designs at the end (ex: metallic yellow with Bumblebee).

Transformers Table Cover

Table Cover

It's great to hang things on walls or off your ceiling, but you also need to make sure your table decor matches the theme! This table cover features a middle section with neutral grey and white tones patterned with Autobot symbols. The sides feature the "Transformers" logo with artwork of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from "Beast Hunters". The cover is made of plastic, so if you are careful with it, you could wipe it down and clean it to reuse. This cover is large, measuring 54 inches (137 cm) by 96 inches (243 cm) and of course if you have a larger surface, you can get two to double them up and tape them together in the middle.

Transformers Table Decorating Kit

Table Decorating Kit

So you have laid down your table cover, but that's just the beginning! This three piece table decorating kit features a centerpiece and two smaller fold outs that add a splash of color to the center grey section of the table. These feature (you guessed it) Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. In addition, the set features 20 pieces of "confetti" which are really small Autobot symbols! You could spread these around the table, tape them on walls or windows, just let your imagination roam.

Transformers Scene Setter

Scene Setter

You may have your ceiling and table decorated, but what about your walls? That's where the "Scene Setter" comes in. This five piece set features a set of plastic panels that can be put together to form a background that measures over six feet tall! One piece features the words "Happy Birthday" and these can be flanked by two other pieces (one featuring Optimus, the other featuring Bumblebee). The two largest pieces look almost like doors, one featuring Optimus and the other with Bumblebee in an action pose. These can add a cool feel to your party area and they an also serve as a background for photos. This is one of my favorite pieces among all the party accessories. "Photo booths" are very popular at parties nowadays and this gives you a chance to have a Transformers themed booth. Check out additional items that can be used with this background for a photo booth. This set is plastic so with careful application they can be reused.

Transformers Tableware


Once your room is all set up, you still need to give your guests something to eat with, and that is where Party City's wide assortment of Transformers dishes, cups and more! Your best bet is picking up this kit which includes two different sized napkins and plates and of course, cups. The plates and cups are made of nice, thick cardboard. I do not recommend putting hot liquids in the cups, however. All of these have either Optimus, Bumblebee or both on them, continuing the theme from other pieces in this collection. Here are some of the key items you are going to want for your party:

There are a lot of other items available for your Transformers themed party! Among them are:

I know when I was a kid in the 80's I would have absolutely loved to have a party with so many Transformers themed items and it is super cool that you can have a party like this nowadays. Special thanks again to Hasbro and Party City for sending me these products for this article.