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The original "Pacific Rim" debuted in the summer of 2013. The film was Guillermo del Toro's love letter to giant robots and monsters (aka Kaiju) from Japanese programs such as Gundam and Godzilla. The movie did not exactly break box office records, but its worldwide total was enough to justify a sequel due for release this month in the North America titled "Pacific Rim Uprising". While U.S. based NECA produced the toy line for the first "Pacific Rim" movie, this time out the toy duties have been given to both Bandai and Diamond Select. While Diamond Select's figures are due out in April 2018, Bandai's "Pacific Rim Uprising" started hitting stores in late February 2018 mostly via Toys 'R' Us stores and import shops. Released under the "Tamashii Nations Robot Spirits" sub-brand of figures, this marks a changed strategy for these figures which used to be entirely relegated to import shops.

The Toys 'R' Us release of these figures began with the main Jaeger from the movie: Gipsy Avenger. The original "hero" Jaeger of "Pacific Rim" was Gipsy Danger who was sacrificed in the first movie to save the Earth. Her legacy continues with this Jaeger with a design that looks like a more sleek and updated version of the Jaeger seen in the first film. Like her predecessor she has distinctive visor eyes, a giant power reactor detail on the torso, a sword build into one arm and a blaster built into the other (which doubles as a "gravity whip"). The design philosophy of the original Gipsy Danger was partly based on looking kind of like a football player with gear on. This continues that idea with a torso and shoulders that look like they have heavy and raised armor on them.

Gipsy Avenger stands a little under 7 inches (about 17.78 centimeters) tall. In contrast the previous NECA Gipsy Danger was about 7.25 inches tall (about 18.41 centimeters). While the two are not the exact same height, they scale well enough with each other to appear on the same display shelf without looking odd. There are eighteen points of articulation on this figure, allowing for a lot of cool and dynamic poses.

I have a great affection for the "Pacific Rim" franchise. It hits all the right buttons for me and I am looking forward to the new film at the end of March. Pre-order your Gipsy Avenger and support BWTF by putting in your order at BigBadToyStore.