Dreamwave Comics "Energon" #25

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Dreamwave Comic Books

Energon #25 Cover
General Information
Written by: Simon Furman
Pencils by: Joe Ng
Inks by: Elaine To
Colors by: Jong-ImLee & Josh Perez
Letters: Ben Lee

The Omnicons have come to Earth - with disastrous results. Optimus Prime watches news reports showing the new Transformers trying to tap Energon but almost destroying a city in the process! He orders Hot Shot to take the lead and teach these young ones control.

The Yukon:
Ironhide and Kicker are waiting for the Autobots to arrive. Kicker wants to get back to civilization, but Ironhide explains that the Base Units being brought through space are too big and dangerous to be placed near human settlements, hence the remote location. Suddenly, the Omnicons arrive with Hot Shot, and right ouf the gate wind up damaging valuable equipment. Hot Shot loses his temper and yells at them, telling them to leave - and they do.

Fifty seven minutes later, Hot Shot and Kicker are searching for the Omnicons. Kicker uses his Energon detection abilities to follow their trail, but it seems to be a long way off.

Thirty eight minutes earlier, the Omnicons pull into an abandoned town. Unfortunately, not everything there is innocent! Suddenly, the Omnicons are surrounded by satellite dishes. Skyblast destroys one, but the rest knock the Omnicons out - and the 'bot behind the controls is revealed: Snow Cat!

Arcee is dimly aware as the Omnicons find themselves attached to strange equipment as Snow Cat reports to Scorponok. Though Scorponok thinks Snow Cat is on his side, he is really hoping for the eventual return of Megatron. He reveals that he plans on altering the Omnicons' programming to make them into Decepticons to follow Megatron upon his return!

The Omnicons wind up in a joint consciousness, where Over-Run tells them to rise above their own egos and apparent limitations to escape. They manage to do so and attack Snow Cat. The Decepticon is smart however and manages to use the frozen area for cover. The Omnicons try to fight with him with pure brute force, but they fail. Finally, they concentrate and tap into the power of the Earth, using a combination of Energon and natural gas deposits to defeat the Decepticon.

Eight Days Later:
Optimus Prime prepares to go to Cybertron to ask for reinforcements. However, once he steps through the warp gate - he steps out inside Unicron, guided there by none other than Megatron himself!

To Be Continued...

Last issue was praised because it focused on two characters. This one broadens the scope a bit, but still doesn't take it to galactic proportions, and again it delivers a cool story. Since their introduction, it's been said that the Omnicons are special, but aside from being able to create Energon weapons, we really haven't seen why. Now we know.

I like the idea that the Omnicons can detect and manipulate Energon, just like Kicker. It's a reciprocal relationship that makes both the Omnicons and Kicker that much more special. For the Omnicons, they represent an evolution in Transformers development. Their ability to detect and manipulate Energon sets them apart from their fellow Autobots, however it is not a surprising step in
Transformers evolution to have Transformers detect and use Energon. For Kicker however, this is quite significant since he is not Cybertronian in origin. His ability may not be unique, but the form it's been packaged in certainly is.

Character-wise, we get to see a significant development with the Omnicons. The Omnicons are written as brash, young and quite overconfident. In essence, they believe their own hype which leads them to make mistakes. However, deep down inside they know the right things to do since the "Over-Run" we see in their vision is actually a manifestation of their collective consciousness. They know
what the right thing to do is, but it took a bit of self analyzing to bring it out.

Snow Cat is a bit different than his animated counterpart here. He seems to be playing several angles here, all in the name of Megatron. However, it seems that Snow Cat is an individual character, not Cyclonus reborn as he is in the animated series. It would have been nice to see how he got there, but the fact that we see him report to Scorponok suggests that he was placed there to wait for possible victims just in case. I hope we get to see more of this guy down the road (although the end is a bit ambiguous as to just what the Autobots are going to do with him).


  • Base Site One is in the Yukon.
  • While reporting to Scorponok (with loyalties to Megatron), Snow Cat indicates he is working for Alpha-Quintesson.
  • When Optimus enters Unicron, to the left is a "blank body" of a Scourge-like Transformer.


Joe Ng is on art duty again, and again he delivers a wonderfully drawn issue. While he seems to be leaning a little in the "puffy" direction Dreamwave Transformers are known for, he manages to pull in the reigns just enough to still keep the Transformers all looking nice and sleek. I'm very happy with the action schenes. Skyblast generating his Energon Spear and even Signal Flare transforming are really dynamic and project movement very well. I never had problems following the
action in the issue at all.

Color wise things were very strong in this episode, and much of it was due to the setting. With the ice/snow backdrop of the Yukon, everything else stands out a lot, even Skyblast who is white himself, but also has other colors on him (including red and blue). This issue is a visual treat.

Final Thoughts:
An excellent issue that gives us focus on characters with action and adventure tossed in. Great art with good pacing and you have a winner issue!