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IDW Publishing Regeneration One

In 1984, Marvel Comics introduced kids everywhere to the "Transformers" in their ground breaking comic book series. The title would go on to last until 1991 when the original title was cancelled. Now over twenty years later, IDW has picked up the series to bring it to its conclusion starting with issue "80.5", lasting until #100 to bring the series to a definitive close.

Issue 80.5 "Counterpoint" (Released May 5, 2012)
Released on "Free Comic Book Day" 2012, this short comic provided a brief introduction to the world of the Transformers and where they've been since we last saw them twenty one years ago!

Issue 81 "Loose Ends Pt. 1" (Released July 11, 2012)
The fallout from the events of issue 80.5 begin to churn as the Decepticons begin their plans on several fronts.

Issue 82 "Loose Ends Pt. 2" (Released August 8, 2012)
The Wreckers discover what has happened on Earth while Grimlock travels to Nebulos.

Issue 83 "Loose Ends Pt. 3" (Released September 5, 2012)
The full extent of Megatron's destruction is revealed as Optimus Prime prepared to fact the consequences of his inaction!

Issue 84 "Loose Ends Pt. 4" (Released October 10, 2012)
The Wreckers execute their desperate plan to stop Megatron's mad scheme.

Issue 85 "Loose Ends Pt. 5" (Released November 7, 2012)
The Autobots have touched down on Earth and Optimus Prime has his final confrontation with Megatron, but could it mean the end for everyone?!

Issue 86 "Natural Selection Pt. 1" (Released December 5, 2012)
The battle on Earth is over, but new threats loom. Also, Grimlock struggles to escape from Scorponok!

Issue 87 "Natural Selection Pt. 2" (Released January 9, 2013)
Grimlock returns to Cybertron, but it's not exactly a happy homecoming.

Issue 88 "Natural Selection Pt. 3" (Released February 13, 2013)
Scorponok's invasion of Cybertron has begun, but he's not the only one with plans for the Transformers homeworld.

Issue 89 "Natural Selection Pt. 4" (Released March 13, 2013)
Grimlock continues his one Autobot mission to restore the Dinobots - no matter the cost!

Issue 90 "Natural Selection Pt. 5" (Released April 10, 2013)
Scorponok's plans are coming to fruition as Galvatron's own agenda moves forward on Earth.

Issue 91 "Destiny Pt. 1" (Released May 8, 2013)
Hot Rod prepare to go back underground even as threats from several fronts approach Cybertron.

Issue 92 "Destiny Pt. 2" (Released June 12, 2013)
Unrest grows on Cybertron as Optimus Prime tries to save Earth.

Issue 93 "Destiny Pt. 3" (Released July 17, 2013)
The Decepticons and Galvatron all arrive on Cybertron, spelling trouble for the Autobots!

Issue 94 "Destiny Pt. 4" (Released August 28, 2013)
Galvatron has arrived on Cybertron and he has made it his mission to destroy Ultra Magnus!

Issue 0 "Less than Zero" (Released September 18, 2013)
Hot Rod spins through time with Primus' guidance, but what is it he is meant to find?

Issue 95 "Destiny Pt. 5" (Released October 23, 2013)
The massive invasion of Cybertron has begun!

Issue 96 "The War to End All Wars Pt. 1" (Released November 27, 2013)
Cybertron is under attack and the Autobots have to unite under Rodimus Prime's leadership to meet the challenge.

Issue 97 "The War to End All Wars Pt. 2" (Released December 18, 2013)
The Decepticons have failed in their attempted take over of Cybertron, but that doesn't mean other threats to Cybertron don't exist!

Issue 98 "The War to End All Wars Pt. 3" (Released January 29, 2014)
Rodimus Prime launches his assault on The Hub Network while Optimus Prime prepares to greet the Nebulan delegation on Earth. Neither Autobot is prepared for what is to come.

Issue 100 "The War to End All Wars Pt. 5" (Released March 19, 2014)
Cybertron has fallen to the Dark Matrix. How will Rodimus Prime save the day?