IDW Publishing: "ReGeneration One" Issue #93 Comic Book Review

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IDW Publishing Regeneration One

General Information:
Title: "Destiny" Part Three
Cover Price: $3.99 (US)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publishing Date: July 17, 2013
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Guido Guidi
Inker: Stephen Baskerville
Colorist: John-Paul Bove
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Editor: John Barber
Editor in Chief: Chris Ryall

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Bludgeon medidates aboard the Warworld ship, contemplating his own death. He doesn't see it as a possibility, but rather a certainty and he welcomes a good death as opposed to facing the cowardice he displayed when he retreated from the Autobots on Klo.

Elsewhere on The Ark, Galvatron talks through his plans with Starscream. He intends to use The Ark to take the brunt of Cybertron's defenses while he heads down to the planet. Of course, this means anyone in the hsip will be destroyed! His first mission is to kill whoever has been left in charge, in this case: Ultra Magnus.

The Wreckers go to work

On Cybertron, Ultra Magnus directs the Wreckers to take down the "Neo-Decepticons". The Wreckers charge a compound only to find it empty. Suddenly it explodes! Everyone survives, but it's obvious that whatever is going on, it has moved from one phase to the other and this was a clean up job.

Back at base, Ultra Magnus contacts Prowl to discuss the situation. They agree that something bigger is coming, but without long range sensors operational it will be hard to determine just what that is. Ultra Magnus orders everyone back to base - much to the chagrin of Soundwave and Wingthing, who have been watching from afar. Wingthing goes off to altert the other Decepticons while Soundwave reveals his own deadly weapon of mass destruction: Monstructor!


Meanwhile, onboard The Ark, Galvatron is all but declaring victory when an alert sounds. He goes down to a room to investigate. What he finds is a fully functional Mark V Droid! Starscream has taken control of The Ark and even as Galvatron dispatches the droid, Shockwave deactivates a force field that had been containing a hull breach, sucking Galvatron out into space! They try to blast Galvatron with the Ark's weapons but he dodges and winds up getting pulled down to Cybertron even as The Ark leaves Cybertronian orbit.

Prowl and Streetwise

Elsewhere, at Cybertron's Core, Hot Rod and the remaininig Dinobots stare in awe at Primus' face, dormant. Hot Rod suddenly has a flash of himself in multiple universes, giving him a sense that the universe is much more complex than he originally thought. Suddenly, the Demons begin to flood the chamber. They retreat back behind Primus' head and the Demons refuse to follow. They look around to find old bodies everywhere until Grimlock appears! But it is not the Grimlock they knew, it is one infused with the spirit of Primus!

On the surface, Ultra Magnus is working with Cosmos to see what is going on in orbit. Cosmos finally finds something - a big something...the Warworld! Cosmos is desroyed and at the same time, Galvatron comes charging at Ultra Magnus. The invasion has begun!

To Be Continued...

While I do believe it is possible to enjoy "ReGeneration One" without having read the prior Marvel Comics series that it is based on, there's a whole different level of appreciation you get if you have. In this particular case, understanding the dangers coming up on Cybertron really helps ratchet up the tension. Between Galvatron, Warworld and whatever Shockwave and Starscream are planning, there's a lot of potential evil about to come crashing down around Cybertron. Perhaps the biggest of these threats is Galvatron. When this particular Galvatron was introduced in the previous Marvel series it was established that he comes from a universe where the Decepticons won the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. All the Primes had fallen before him and he was on the verge of a major victory until a Unicron of "our" universe plucked him out from his own and brought him into this one. If you think about it, that's sort of unprecedented. Even Megatron, who has been established as having taken out other Primes eventually met his match with Optimus Prime. To imagine a universe were Primes like Optimus and Rodimus both fell to one Decepticon is a bit frightening.

Of course, not even knowing that this issue works to establish that Galvatron is very much his own character. He makes it a point to distinguish himself from Megatron and his fight with the Mark V Droid shows he is no slouch in the fighting department. The threat he represents is significant though even he has his limits as we are shown when Starscream and Shockwave trick him. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens to this character and if he even had a plan beyond "Get to Cybertron and start killing."


The other major threat is of course, the gigantic Warworld and its army of drones along with the Decepticons "on the ground" like Soundwave and Monstructor. I suspect this particular threat will provide the action-packed and explosive scenes fans will want. This issue already kicks it off with many Autobots meeting their unfortunate end. I am looking forward to seeing Omega Supreme fight Monstructor. In this univese, Monstructor is a bit of an unknown but Omega has long since been established as one of the most powerful Autobots around (having once taken out most of the Decepticons on Earth and almost destroying Megatron). Having these titanic forces collide will be fun indeed!

Mark V Droid

Switching gears, Hot Rod's story line gets more interesting as we go along, which is saying something considering almost everyone reading this book knows what it's leading up to. Whether Optimus Prime dies or simply stays on Earth, it seems inevitable that a "Rodimus Prime" is about to emerge. That is made even more clear when we see several iterations of Hot Rod across multiple universes, mosty in "Rodimus" incarnations including the Alternators and Energon versions of the character! This particular panel does an amazing job of paying homage to the character across many generations, even including his little known "Micromaster" version and a version that was never released as a toy (the one with the big truck front end as his chest). In my brain, I keep anticipating that Rodimus will emerge and lead the Dinobots and the Demons against the invading forces, but that's my own "fan fic" playing out in my head. I'm looking forward to seeing how it really plays out!

Hot Rod and the Dinobots

Guido Guidi makes his debut as the penciler for "ReGeneration One" in this issue. Regular penciler Andrew Wildman is set to return later, however, fans of his style shouldn't be worried - Guidi does an absolutely amazing job of taking Wildman's style and using it as a base for the art in this issue. He takes a lot of Wildman's more organic stylings complete with a lot of the "worn and banged up" look that the Transformers tend to have when Wildman illustrates them. There are differences between Guidi's style and Wildman's. Wildman has a tendency to "thin out" his characters making them look a lot like humanoid aliens wearing armor suits. Guidi does this to a degree, but he makes the characters look a lot more bulky (Monstructor is a great example). The result is an art style that acts more as homage to Wildman than imitation.

The rest of the art team remains the same, and between Baskerville's strong pencils and Bove's colors, the "feel" of the book is still very much the same as the previous issues. The transition of one artist to another in comics is not always this smooth but this is one of the best I've ever seen.

Final Thoughts:
This isn't the strongest issue in the "ReGeneration One" series so far but there's a lot to love. The brilliant art transition, Galvatron getting to get his crazy on and the invasion of Cybertron kicking off are all page turning elements that make me eager for the next issue!