IDW Publishing: "ReGeneration One" Issue #95 Comic Book Review

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IDW Publishing Regeneration One

General Information:
Title: "Destiny" Part Five
Cover Price: $3.99 (US)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publishing Date: October 23, 2013
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Guido Guidi
Inker: Stephen Baskerville
Colorist: John-Paul Bove
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: John Barber
Editor in Chief: Chris Ryall

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The invasion of Cybertron has begun! It's Autobot versus Decepticon as Omega Supreme battles Monstructor, Blaster battles Soundwave and Ultra Magnus takes on the strange Drones sent by Bludgeon. Meanwhile, The Wreckers break into the Warworld to find the source of life for the Drones invading their homeworld.

Meanwhile underground, the Dinobots have recovered their leader. As Grimlock recovers, he tries to remember what he just went through. Suddenly, the Demons come swarming in. Before they can attack, Grimlock transforms and lets loose a primal roar! The Demons freeze and bow down to their new master. Grimlock explains Hot Rod had a plan to lead the Demons back to the surface and begins the journey to the surface.

Omega Supreme

Above Cybertron, The Ark remains in orbit with Shockwave still serving as a significant portion of its control system, he tells Starscream that he has no intention of letting an invading force take over Cybertron.

Onboard the Warworld, the Wreckers take on Bludgeon. The powerful warrior manages to hold them all at bay even as they use their combined strength and firepower against him. The Autobots cover for Kup as he gets away to find the source of the Matrix energy but Bludgeon jumps on his transport, trying to slice the old Autobot apart!


In Central Iacon, the Drones have broken through the outer defenses and the Autobots fall back. All looks lost but suddenly the Dinobots and the Demons appear from underground and begin to take on the Demons from behind!

On Warworld, Kup has survived Bludgeon's attacks so far, but soon the Decepticon gets the upper hand. Just as he is about to deliver a killing blow, a figure appears behind him: Rodimus Prime!

On Cybertron, Soundwave and Blaster continue their battle. Soundwave thinks he has the upper hand for a moment, but Blaster uses his hyper-sensitivity against him and knocks him out with a sonic blast.

Back on Warworld, Rodimus fights off Bludgeon and sends the Decepticon smashing through a window, burning him up in Cybertron's atmosphere. Kup and Rodimus are about to figure out what to do with Thunderwing's remains when suddenly the Ark begins its assault! The Autobots immediately prepare for evacuation.


On Cybertron, the final push of Autobots, Dinobots and Demons has begun! With Warworld burning up and the power of the Dinobots and Demons behind them, the Autobots manage one last push and destroy the remaining threats. As the Warworld explodes above Cybertron Rodimus and the Wreckers escape. Rodimus explains that Primus has shown him four fatal flaws in the "Grand Plan" that need to be addressed or everyone is doomed!

To Be Continued...

This issue goes by real fast, even after I slowed down my reading to appreciate the art. This isn't a criticism. Indeed, it's a compliment as every page was so full of action eye candy I couldn't wait for the next. In terms of story, this issue really puts story in the back seat. Previous issues have had plenty of story worked into them, so this was more of a catharsis of sorts, focusing on action and the terrible consequences of the various plans we saw set in motion ages ago. In terms of story beats, I was happy to see my previous speculation about the Demons being used to fight Bludgeon's Drones come true. It was also interesting to see Bludgeon craving death so much. Some characters would see such a portent and desperately try to avoid it or fight it. He just accepts it, but intends to go out with the proverbial bang (and boy does he). Indeed, I found his defeat a fun mirror of Rodimus Prime's victory over Galvatron in the 1986 "Transformers: The Movie" feature film. If we are to take "ReGeneration One" as a celebration of "Generation One", this was one of the perfect moments in the series.

Ultra Magnus

If I were a fan with a gigantic house where I could blow up panels into prints I'd choose a pile from this issue. Monstructor versus Omega Supreme is one of my favorites. It shows just how titanic these characters are in comparison to others. Another favorite of mine is the gigantic shot of the aerial warriors fighting with the Warworld in the background. Not only is it very detailed and one awesome battle scene, it features a lot of characters who didn't get a lot of attention in fiction during "Generation One" including Skyhammer, Crossblades and Dogfight. I also loved the shot of The Ark blasting Warworld. It amazes me how resilient The Ark has been shown to be over the years and the fact that such an ancient ship can destroy Bludgeon's prized vessel with ease says a lot about how well it was made (and why it deserves legendary status in the "Transformers" universe).

Blaster versus Soundwave

With respect to individual character art, Guido Guidi has made some nice choices in terms of design. There's a nice mixture of Andrew Wildman's designs (such as Bludgeon and Kup's) and toy-based designs (such as Sandstorm's) and classic Marvel animation designs (including Grimlock and Blaster). Even though these designs vary in source, their pedigree allows them to blend together seamlessly. Once again Guidi does a fantastic job of emulating Wildman's style with fluid, organic looking Transformers. However, he also blends that with some more blocky designs (such as Roadbuster). All these designs have plenty of small scratches and dents that give the appearance of a robot that has seen plenty of combat and it adds a wonderful grittiness to the overall feel of the comic.

Ark versus Warworld

Final Thoughts:
You're not going to get a lot of deep story telling here. Indeed, most of it just confirms a lot of items that had been alluded to in earlier issues. What you will get is a ton of action and amazing eye candy. It also manages to resolve several storylines while setting up bigger ones with the "flaws" in the Grand Plan. I'm sure what comes next will be quite exciting!