Event: New York Comic-Con 2015 - Friday Report

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New York Comic-Con 2015: Friday


The Crowds Gather

Friday was an odd day. I had wanted to go to a couple of panels during the day but they were offsite at the nearby Hammerstein Ballroom. Now, when I say "nearby" I mean several long city blocks over. Long story short, I was not going to make it to those so I spent most of the day wandering the convention and taking in the sights and sounds. I did attend one panel (perhaps the biggest panel of the day): the Marvel "Agents of Primetime" panel focusing on "Agents of SHIELD" and "Peggy Carter".

Agents of Primetime Panel
This is only the second year I've attended a Marvel panel at NYCC but it seems tradition is to have Jeph Loeb host the panel with Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) joining in as co-host. The pair really know how to put on a show. They don't just come out at the same time. Instead Loeb usually starts off the panel (partly by thanking fans for helping to make Marvel a success) and then that leads to him introducing Gregg. When Gregg gets on stage, the audience loses its collective mind (I've seen this two years in a row). The audience pretty much starts yelling "Coulson! Coulson!" almost as if on cue. It's really something else to experience the sheer joy everyone seems to feel about seeing their favorite SHIELD agent on stage!

Sadly no one from the "Peggy Carter" cast could be at NYCC as they are filming the show during the con. However, they did put a video together featuring Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy thanking fans for their support and claiming that Dominic Cooper could "not be found" and therefore would not be in the season. As they walked out of frame (and bumped into scenery) we see Cooper sweeping the ground behind them! It was a hilarious video and fans got a huge kick out of it.


The panel (and my Tweets) were cut short however when Loeb announced they would show a full episode of "Agents of SHIELD"! The episode shown was "A Wanted (Inhu)man", the third episode of the current season. The crowd loved it and I have to say, watching an episode of a show like this with an audience is really a different experience than watching it at home. There was one great sequence where Agent May fights three bad guys and the audience lost its collective mind. It was a really fun fan moment!

Artist Alley
"Artist Alley" is a gigantic warehouse sized section of the Javitz Center where comic book artists are lined up in aisles for fans to meet. The artists typically have prints and original art for sale. Some artists even take orders for sketches that they draw on site for individual customers. Several "Transformers" artists were on hand during the convention. I managed to spend some time chatting with Dan Khanna (who has been working on "Transformers" art for years, and helped create the current logo for "Ben's World of Transformers"). He and I did a lot of reminiscing about the "old days" of fandom and he talked about his art expanding beyond just Transformers and into the realm of superheroes. I also met artist Ken Christiansen who has recently done a ton of work on "Transformers" packaging art (much of the Deluxe art from "Combiner Wars" is his work). We had a great conversation about his work with Hasbro and I got to see some of the pencils he did for the "Combiner Wars" art. It was super cool to see it at its most basic level before all the inking and coloring.

I also visited the table featuring Frank Frazetta's art. Frazetta was an artist whose work I grew up with in the 80's. He passed away years ago but his granddaughter was the one running the booth. I looked through the catalog of prints you could buy and purchased "Scramble", based on Battlestar Galactice (you can see it here. I've never owned a print of Frazetta's art before so it was cool to add it to my collection of prints (that I hope to have wall space to hang up on one day!).

Super Mario Bros.

The rest of the day was largely spent wandering the floors of the convention center. While going from one side to another I suddenly realized there was a crowd gatherd around one of the "Jurassic World" displays. I managed to blunder into the front row and I realized something was about to happen - and it did! Check out the video below to see what happened!

I spent some time floating aorund to different vendors that had caught my eye the previous day. One of the ones that impressed me the most was the Mega Bloks booth. They had a Star Trek display! I didn't realize they had acquired the license for vehicles and figures from the original series. They had a replica of Captain Kirk's chair that you could sit in for a photo op. To the side was a giant Enterprise made up of 3,000 pieces! There was also a smaller Klingon ship and a Transporter Room showing figures that will eventually be blind bagged.

I also stopped by the Play Arts area to see their awesome interpretations of super heroes like Batman, Iron Man and Captain America. They also had video game based figures including Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider" and "Halo". They're expensive figures, and the ones I own have trouble standing on their own (there are stands for the figures). They definitely fall into the category of figures I would collect if I didn't already collect Transformers!

Unicorn Balloon

Friday was a fun day at NYCC, with the Marvel panel being the highlight. I always feel like Friday is the calm before the storm that is Saturday and Sunday and the next day would prove me right.