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For topics that do not fit into other categories.
21 89 34 weeks 1 day ago
by Wonko the Sane
Chat about the site and address questions directly to Ben.
4 6 4 years 47 weeks ago
by Opt1mu5Pr1m3
Discussion of Generation One Transformers and the generations closely associated with them such as the Classics and Universe "2.0" toy lines.
3 12 9 years 22 weeks ago
by bairdduvessa
Growl about all things beast from "Beast Wars" to "Beast Machines". Includes discussion of Japanese exclusive shows such as "Beast Wars Neo".
1 12 7 weeks 5 days ago
by Alph
Transformers get the full anime treatment with these shows and toy lines, and you can discuss them here!
1 1 8 years 43 weeks ago
by greboguru
Discussion of the live action Transformers movies.
4 15 9 years 6 days ago
by bruticus
Discussion of the "Transformers Animated" program on Cartoon Network and all products associated with it.
6 13 9 years 21 weeks ago
by Galvatron25