Glossary: A


Action Master - A Transformer powered by the power source known as Nucleon. In order to process Nucleon, Transformer conversion capabilities are needed to process this fuel, rendering the Transformer incapable of transformation. Action Masters were often paired with vehicles or weapons that could transform.

Activation Code - The word called out by a Transformer to initiate transformation. In general, Maximals use "Maximize!" and Predacons used "Terrorize!"

Aerialbots - A team of five Autobots who transformed into aerial vehicles. Combined to form, Superion.

Aerodrone - A group of jet Vehicons under the command of the Vehicon General Jetstorm.

Alpha Trion - The "Father of the Autobots". One of the first Autobots to mobilize a defense against the Decepticons. Creator of Optimus Prime and Elita-1.

Alternators - The US version of the Binaltech toy line. Alternators had less paperwork with the toys and did not
feature die cast metal.

Ark - The Autobot starship which brought the Autobots to Earth. This ship served as the Autobot headquarters for many years on Earth.

Autobot - The benevolent branch of the Transformers race. With few exceptions, Autobots hold to the ideals of defending life and aspire for a peaceful existence.

Axalon - The Maximal starship captained by Optimus Primal. It served as the Maximal base for most of the Beast Wars series.