Glossary: G


Gobots - 1) A group of Generation 2 Transformers toys built to be the same scale as Hot Wheels/Matchbox type cars. Features "high speed racing axles" which allowed them to roll fast. 2) The name of a Generation 2 Transformer. 3) A toy line from the 80's featuring robots from the planet Gobotron. This copyright has since been bought by Hasbro via its acquisition of Tonka. 4) A line of Transformers made by Playskool for a younger age group than the regular line.

Godmaster - A Transformer who is controlled via a human who transforms into its engine featured in the Japanese exclusive Masterforce series. In the beginning, it was the humans who held the personality and intelligence of the Transformer. By the end of the series, these qualities were returned to the robots.

Golden Age - A reference to the time before war ravaged Cybertron and drained its resources. At the time, Cybertron actually glowed with a golden color.

Guardian Robot - A group of gigantic Transformers from the Golden Age of Cybertron. These Transformers were charged with waging any battles necessary to protect Cybertron. Omega Supreme was a Guardian Robot.

Gung Ho - The Cybertron starship featured in the Beast Wars Neo series.