Glossary: P


Polyhex - One of the cities controlled by the Decepticons in the Transformers comic book series.

Powerlink - 1) The process where a Mini-Con Transformer connects to an Autobot or
Decepticon to activate an ability or power the robot up. Introduced in the Armada series. 2) The process where two Transformers combine into one larger form as introduced in the Energon series.

Powermaster - 1) A Transformer whose engine can transform into a smaller humanoid being. Powermasters draw their energy from their engine components. 2) A group of Generation 2 Transformers who featured simple transformations and pull back motors.

Predacons - 1) A group of five Decepticons who transformed into animals and combined to form, Predaking. 2) The descendents of the Decepticons. A relative minority in the Maximal controlled Cybertron, the Predacons are secretly at work trying to rebuild their strength and one day rise up to destroy the Maximals. Some Predacons however hold a strong ideal of honor in combat. 3) A term used in the "Robots in Disguise" series to reference any Decepticon whose alternate mode was an animal.

Pretender - A Transformer who is equipped with an outer shell that can act as an independent fighting unit under the control of the Transformer. Some Pretender shells could transform into vehicles.

Primacron - The scientist who built Unicron.

Primus - The "God" of the Transformers. A being whose arch nemesis is Unicron and the life force of Cybertron. It was from Primus' efforts that the first Transformers were born.

Protoform - A liquid like state of a Transformer body. From this state, a Stasis Pod can mold the body to take on whatever form it deems proper. This term would later be applied to refer to any recently created Transformer.