Glossary: S


Seacons - 1) A Generation One team of six Decepticons who each transformed into mechanical, aquatic creatures. Combined to form Piranacon. 2) The group of five Destron Space Pirates featured in the Beast Wars the Second series. Combined to form God Neptune.

Space Bridge - A device developed by the Decepticons that allowed near instantaneous travel between Earth and Cybertron.

Spark - The life force of a Transformer. Sparks reside within the Matrix.

Stasis Lock - A shut down of Transformer systems to prevent further damage and loss of Spark. This is automatically initiated by a Transformers' onboard computer.

Stasis Pod - A container which holds a protoform. Stasis Pods are capable of scanning local life forms or machinery and adapt the Transformer inside to take on that form.

Stellar Cycle - A Cybertronian unit of time measurement that is approximately one Earth year.

Stunticons - A team of five Decepticons who transformed into ground vehicles. Combined to form Menasor.

Swarm, the - A remnant of the Transformer race from ages ago when Transformers could reproduce through the use of cell division. Without purpose, the Swarm roamed space, devouring all mechanical life in its path until it met Optimus Prime. The Swarm would later become the Vok.