Glossary: T


Tank Drones - A group of tank Vehicons under the command of the Vehicon General Tankor.

Targetmaster - A Transformer whose weapon can transform into a smaller humanoid being.

Technobot - A team of Autobots who transformed into futuristic vehicles and formed the giant, Computron.

Terrorcons - 1) A sub-group of Decepticons who transformed into mechanical monsters. Formed the giant, Abominus. 2) A sub-group of Decepticons
working for Unicron and Megatron in Energon.

Throttlebots - A group of six Autobots distinguised by their pull back engines.

Transector - The human component of a Godmaster.

Transmetal - Transformers who were bathed in energy resulting from the destruction of a Vok device. Transformers exposed to this took on new forms which included semi-vehicular forms on top of beast and robot modes.

Transmetal 2 - A Transformer born of the energies from Megatron's Transmetal 2 device. These Transformers get enhanced abilities, but their savage, beast mode sides also have greater control.

Transwarp - A type of space travel that allows Cybertronian ships to not only travel through space, but time as well. The Axalon and Darkside were both equipped with this type of drive.

Transwarp Cruiser - The ship which the Tripredacus Council equipped Ravage with for his trip to the Beast Wars. Utilizing Ravage's cloaking ability, the ship could also be cloaked from the naked eye.

Tripredacus Council - A group of three Transformers: Cicadacon, Sea Clamp and Ramhorn. These three lead the Predacons and hope to one day rise up and conquer the Maximals.