Glossary: V


Vector Sigma - A supercomputer at the center of Cybertron. Vector Sigma has the ability to give Transformers life. The key which activates Vector Sigma has the ability to turn organic material metallic.

Vehicons - Armies of vehicular Transformers built by Megatron to conquer and maintain control of Cybertron in Beast Machines. The Vehicons are mindless drones. However, each Vehicon type has a "General" who can control the Vehicons when Megatron is unable to.

Violenjiger - A enormous, three headed being who resurrected some of the most powerful Destrons in history to serve him including Overlord, Devastator, Trypticon and Piranacon. Featured in the Micromaster Zone series.

Vok - 1) A race of creatures who live in a part of space known as Nexus Zero. The Vok are a conglomeration of different races who had been consumed by the Swarm. 2) A race that provided the Decepticon Swindle with a device in the "Transformers Animated" series.

Vorn - A unit of Cybertronian measurement equaling roughly .83 Earth years.