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Thanks to fellow fan and friend of Ben's World of Transformers we now have photos and video from the Super 7 booth at Toy Fair 2020. The display featured several of the upcoming ReAction figures including characters like Perceptor, Blitzwing and a giant Devastator! Also featured is the giant "Shogun" style Optimus Prime. Check out the photos and video here.

Special thanks to Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, Ben's World of Transformers has an exclusive reveal of new cards from the upcoming Titan Masters Attack expansion set for the Transformers TCG!

There are two card reveals:

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As part of my bag of complimentary toys at Toy Fair 2020 I received a Netflix "War for Cybertron Trilogy" Mirage figure! These are not out in stores yet so check out my advanced review and gallery of "Decepticon Mirage".

The world of BotBots expands in 2020 with a ton of new characters and new Tribes! The new Tribes include the Frequent gym-based Cardio Clique, the fun Party Favors and the traveling Frequent Flyers. The boxed sets also continue with a Treasure Chest and (of all things) a Toilet! Check out the official images and product information below:

BotBots Goldrush Series 5 Tribes

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For fans of the live action Transformers films, Studio Series is a great addition to their collection. Featuring Transformers from the live action films with screen inspired designs, these figures have a unique aesthetic all their own. This weekend's reveals include a "Satellite Mode" Soundwave, Topspin, Bumblebee Movie Cliffjumper and more!

Transformers: Studio Series 62 Deluxe Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave
(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $19.99 / Available: November 1, 2020)
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There was only one Generations Selects reveal today but it was a very unusual one. Instead of a Deluxe or Voyager redeco, this time out the release is a four pack of figures featuring Rumble (in blue, FIRRIB away folks) and Wingthing (Action Master Soundwave's partner). It also includes Knock and Skar. In G1 these two characters were the Powermaster engines for the Mercenary Doubledealer. With Doubledealer coming out in Earthrise, this gives fans a chance to "complete" the character with his partners! Check out the official product description and images below:
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At Toy Fair 2020 Hasbro and Netflix teamed up to present images and the first trailer for the upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege cartoon series! As part of this series launch a special line of figures is being released as Walmart exclusives. Each figure is a Siege sculpt with a deco inspired by the series featuring some seriously gorgeous damage deco. Check out the official product descriptions and photos below.

UPDATE (February 20, 2020): All links to the Walmart product pages have been added below.

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Thanks to Hasbro BWTF presents renders and product descriptions of the upcoming Earthrise figures in waves 2 and 3 of the line. These include the Titan Class Scorponok and Leader Class Doubledealer! Check out the product descriptions and photos below:

Generations WFC EARTHRISE Wave 2 & 3

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Cyberverse enters its third season in 2020 and with it comes a bunch of new toys! This time the Cyberverse display featured a combination of more gimmick-oriented figures alongside the more traditional "Deluxe Class" figures. Check out my photos from the Cyberverse display at Toy Fair 2020!

The BotBots continue into 2020! This time out these cute little guys have expanded their range to include new Tribes that have everything from a couch to a magic hat and even a piece of sushi! Check out my images from the BotBots display in Hasbro's showroom at Toy Fair 2020. Bonus: I also took a video of the BotBots diorama featuring the figures in a BotBots stadium!

Part of the Generations display in Hasbro's showroom at Toy Fair 2020 featured the Studio Series figures coming out this year. These included figures from the Bumblebee Movie and the long awaited Devastator! Check out my gallery of these cool figures.

To kick off my galleries of the Transformers section in the Hasbro showroom at Toy Fair 2020 I'm starting off with the biggest area. Divided into five distinct sections, the Generations area took up most of the Transformers area and featured highly anticipated figures such as Scorponok, Snapdragon and Sky Lynx! Check out my "Generations" gallery. More to come!

At today's Entertainment Brand Preview Event, Hasbro and Netflix presented the first look at the "War for Cybertron" series by Netflix! Now we have the official trailer and press release to check out. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Netflix has provided BWTF with stills first seen at Toy Fair 2020 from the show!

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Back in the 70's a series of large "Shogun" robots were released featuring launching fists and rolling wheels in their feet. These figures crossed brands even including a Godzilla figure! Taking a cue from these retro toys, Super 7 has announced they will be creating a "Super Shogun" Optimus Prime! Check out the official product details below:

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On February 22 Ben's World of Transformers will be attending Hasbro's Entertainment Brand Preview Event as part of Toy Fair 2020! This event will begin at 1:30PM ET with a presentation for several brand teams including Transformers, Marvel, Star Wars and more! After that, the Fan Media will be touring the display room where we will be given the chance to photograph products on display and interview members of the brand team! (Read more...)

Once again thanks to the Hasbro Newsroom we have some product descriptions and images of both upcoming and current Cyberverse product! The product descriptions are for the Target exclusive packs already out in stores now. The image names suggest all these figures are Warrior Class (some in stores now) except for Thunderhowl who is a Deluxe. BWTF will be reporting more from Hasbro's Toy Fair even tomorrow!

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Thanks to the Hasbro Newsroom we now have photos of upcoming BotBots figures! These include new "unboxing sets" and individual figures. Check out the official product descriptions and images below!

BotBots Goldrush Series 5 Tribes

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The Hasbro Newsroom has released some new information ahead of Hasbro's Entertainment Brand Preview Day tomorrow in New York City! The Generations reveals include Airwave, Smokescreen and more! Check out the official product descriptions and photos below!

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Toy Fair is a couple days away, but IGN has the advance scoop on several new Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise reveals! All these figures have been rumor and the talk of early "leaks" for months now, but this is our first look at the figures! These include:

  • Deluxe Class Arcee
  • Deluxe Class Fasttrack (able to transform into a staff for Scorponok!)
  • Commander Class Sky Lynx
  • Titan Class Scorponok (with Lord Zarak)
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