Transformers: The Movie

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Transformers the Movie was one of the most influential storylines ever to hit the Transformers world. It would go on to introduce characters and concepts that would resonate through all future incarnations of the Transformers, including Beast Wars and Beast Machines. While the movie was a feature length narrative, it was broken up into five episodes when aired on TV, hence it being broken up into five "days" below.

Preview and Information
Information about Transformers the Movie and images from the preview test animation done before the movie's release.

Transformers the Movie: Day One
Episode Synopsis  |  Episode Review
It is the year 2005 and old heroes and villains battle it out as a new threat approaches from the darkest regions of space.

Transformers the Movie: Day Two
Episode Synopsis  |  Episode Review
Optimus Prime and Megatron confront each other for the last time and a new Decepticon leader is born!

Transformers the Movie: Day Three
Episode Synopsis  |  Episode Review
Facing destruction from all sides, the Autobots set out to save their home planet from Unicron as the Decepticons try to destroy them.

Transformers the Movie: Day Four
Episode Synopsis  |  Episode Review
Victory appears to be at hand for the Decepticons and Unicron as the Autobots gain some unexpected allies.

Transformers the Movie: Day Five
Episode Synopsis  |  Episode Review
Autobots and Decepticons unite to battle Unicron as he reveals the full extent of his power!