Transformers: The Movie (Day 1)

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The Transformers: The Movie
Transformers the Movie: Day One Synopsis

In between a red and blue sun, a planet moves towards its destination: the planet Lithone. The inhabitants of the mechanical world are unaware of the oncoming threat as they go about their daily lives. Suddenly, the planet begins to rattle, and the Lithonian scientist Kranix and Arbulus look up to
see the planet destroyer Unicron!

As Unicron projects his tractor beam on Lithone, buildings and Lithone's inhabitants are sucked into its giant maw. Kranix, Arbulus and their friend try to escape in spaceships, but only Kranix makes it as the other two are sucked in. Unicron uses his mouth to crunch the planet to pieces and once he is done, the giant ring around his main body glows with new power and life!

It is the year 2005, the treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobots' home planet of Cybertron. But from secret staging grounds on two of Cybertron's moons, the valiant Autobots prepare to retake their homeland...

- Introduction to Transformers: The Movie

The Decepticon spy, Laserbeak flies to Moon Base One, the Autobot stronghold. There, he activates his head mounted camera as Optimus Prime orders Ironhide to take a crew of Autobots to Earth in a shuttle. The veteran Autobot protests at first, but Optimus Prime explains that the Autobots need more energon before they can launch a full scale assault against the Decepticons.

As Ironhide heads to the shuttle, Optimus checks with Jazz for Decepticon activity. Jazz detects nothing. He then checks with Bumblebee and Spike on Moon Base Two. They also find nothing wrong, but Spike asks Ironhide to tell his son, Daniel that he would be returning to Earth once Megatron is defeated. Ironhide promises to do so. Cliffjumper does the countdown from Moon Base One and the Autobot shuttle lifts off. Laserbeak returns to Megatron.

Once Laserbeak returns, he transforms to cassette mode and Soundwave plays back his findings. Megatron sees this as the opportunity he has been waiting for!

On board the Autobot shuttle, all seems well until the side of the ship explodes! The Decepticons tear the side of the ship out and Brawn quickly gets out of his seat to confront them. Megatron transforms to gun mode and Starscream catches him, firing the first shot at the small Autobot who falls. Prowl gets out of his chair and fires a blast which misses. Starscream and Scavenger both fire their blasts at the Autobot. Burning out from the inside, Prowl crashes to the ground defeated. Ironhide and Ratchet are next to respond and fire off a huge volley of blasts. The Decepticons return fire however and the two fall, riddled with laser shots. With the Autobots dispatched, Megatron explains that his plan is to use the shuttle to sneak up to Autobot city on Earth and destroy it! Ironhide grabs on to his leg in a vain attempt to stop Megatron. Without mercy, Megatron fires his fusion cannon and destroys the Autobot.

On Earth, Hot Rod and Daniel are fishing as Daniel laments his father not being around. Hot Rod reassures him that Spike would be returning soon. Suddenly, his hand held radar detects the Autobot shuttle coming. He and Hot Rod race off to see the shuttle land. Daniel is content with a glimpse, but Hot Rod insists on using Lookout Mountain. Racing past a barricade being put up by Kup and three other Autobots, Hot Rod wants to be sure Daniel gets a good view.

Upon reaching Lookout Mountain, Daniel uses the telescope and sees a hole in the side of the shuttle. Hot Rod uses his built in magnifying lenses to see the hole and sees the Decepticons! He immediately opens fire on the shuttle as Kup looks on below wondering what is going on.

The Decepticons abandon the shuttle and transform for the attack! Megatron uses his fusion cannon to destroy Lookout Mountain. Hot Rod scoops up Daniel just as the observation platform collapses. He lands safely, but Blitzwing flies by, transforming to tank mode and taking aim at the young Autobot. Kup races to the scene and jumps on top of Blitzwing, re-adjusting his cannon turret so it fires above Hot Rod, hitting the Insecticon Shrapnel instead! Shrapnel winds up crashing into Blitzwing as Hot Rod and Kup meet up. The two transform and head back to Autobot city with Starscream strafing them.

At Autobot city, Perceptor sees the incoming Decepticon force and determines the Autobots are outnumbered. Ultra Magnus orders Springer and Arcee to transform Autobot city. Perceptor is sent off to tell Blaster to radio for reinforcements as Blurr helps to notify the rest of the Autobots of the situation.

Arcee protests as Kup and Hot Rod are still stuck outside the city. Springer tells her they'll have to take care of themselves and the pair races to the controls. They begin activating the city's transformation as giant gears begin to turn and parts connect. As the city transforms, the two run for safety with Starscream strafing them. They manage to avoid the Decepticon who transforms to robot mode and gets his foot stuck in a transforming part of the city.
He blasts his foot to free himself and races into the sky to continue fighting.

As the city's transformation completes, buildings turn into large turrets and doorways seal up. The Insecticons try to devour the city's doors, but Kup and Hot Rod show up at that point, making use of the opening the Insecticons made while smashing them at the same time!

In the communications tower, Perceptor tells Blaster to radio Optimus Prime on Moon Base One. Blaster sends the signal out and it beams into space.

Megatron orders Soundwave to jam the signal. The Decepticon communicator launches Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Ratbat to disrupt the communication.

Rumble and Frenzy tear off the communications dish, then they smash through the glass and attack Perceptor. Perceptor tells Blaster to run and save himself, but Blaster does not back down. He kicks Ravage away and activates his own cassette warriors: Eject, Rewind, Steeljaw and Ramhorn! The cassette warriors fight as Perceptor and Blaster pray the message has reached Optimus Prime.

Elsewhere in the city, Blurr tries to cover several windows all by himself as he fires madly. Using his amazing speed, he fires from window to window in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Springer triesto get a rocket launcher into position as Arcee drags in the deactivated bodies of Windcharger and Wheeljack. Arcee helps Springer and soon Kup, Hot Rod and Daniel arrive to help as well. It may be too late however as Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devastator! Kup and Daniel witness the transformation, but Springer refuses to back down. He loads up the rocket launcher and fires several rockets at the giant, who takes the blasts without a scratch.

As the Decepticons scatter from the explosions of the rockets, Devastator rips out a large wall from the city and throws it at the room with the rocket launcher in it. The metal tears through the room as the Autobots scatter.

The battle continues to rage well into the night until the next morning. All of Autobot city's defenses have been broken - Megatron orders the slaughter to begin!

To Be Continued...

Unicron heads towards Lithone

Inside Unicron


An everyday scene

Arbulus and Kranix see Unicron




Optimus Prime

Bumblebee and Spike

Ironhide and Prowl


More than you imagine!

Starscream takes aim

Brawn gets hit

Prowl down

Ironhide and Ratchet fall

Heroic nonsense

Hot Rod and Daniel



Hot Rod

Kup in action


Ultra Magnus gives orders

Gears and machinery




Megatron fires

The fight continues


The cassette force

Sic em!

The cassettes battle

Fallen comrades

Devastator devastates

Better things to do...