Transformers: The Movie (Day 2 Synopsis)

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Autobot city's defenses have fallen, and Megatron has ordered the Decepticons to begin their final assault. Suddenly, an Autobot shuttle appears in the sky! Onboard the shuttle, Optimus Prime orders the Dinobots to destroy Devastator. Grimlock is thrilled as he, Sludge, Swoop and Slag transform to dinosaur mode, charging at Devastator. The Constructicon giant kicks Grimlock away, and dispatches Sludge. Slag rams him into a wall, but he manages to get out of the way just as Swoop lunges at him, trapping Swoop under some scrap metal.

Meanwhile, the shuttle has landed and the Autobots aboard disembark. Optimus Prime has one focus: stopping Megatron. He transforms to truck mode and charges at the Decepticons. He first rams Thrust, sending him flying. Next, knocks Shrapnel to the side. Blitzwing jumps out of the way, allowing the Decepticons to fire at the Autobot leader. The blasts bounce off his armor and he transforms, leaping into the air. While airborne, he blasts Ramjet, Thundercracker and Soundwave. Dirge and Kickback are the next to be on the receiving end of Optimus' firepower.

Finally, Optimus reaches Megatron and after some verbal taunts, Megatron lunges at Optimus, knocking him down. Hot Rod runs to help, but Kup tells him not to interfere. Optimus is not down for the count however as he knocks Megatron against a wall. Megatron takes a sharp piece of scrap metal and tosses it at Optimus. It hits him on the side and Optimus recovers in time to dodge a blast from Megatron's cannon. Optimus punches Megatron, sending scrap metal
falling, along with Megatron's cannon. The Decepticon leader reaches down and reveals a laser sword. He uses it to slash Optimus where the scrap metal had hit, and Optimus' side crackles with energy leakage. Megatron jumps up and tries to come down on Optimus, but the Autobot leader recovers and punches Megatron away. Megatron crashes down and tries to kick Optimus off his feet, but Optimus jumps out of the way and lands in front of him. Megatron
quickly kicks Optimus in the face and the two wind up grappling. Optimus manages to grab Megatron by the head and tosses him away. As Optimus picks up his rifle, Kup tells him to finish Megatron off once and for all.

Megatron begs for mercy, but is really slowly reaching for a gun hidden from Prime's view. Hot Rod sees this and tries to jump on Megatron, but the Decepticon leader grabs Hot Rod and uses him as a shield. He picks up the gun and blasts Optimus repeatedly, sending the Autobot leader falling back. Optimus is heavily damaged. Megatron tosses Hot Rod away and stands over Optimus, gun at the ready. Optimus is not finished yet, and he manages to use a double fisted punch to send Megatron flying off the edge, crashing two levels below. His mission accomplished, Optimus Prime falls, grabbing his side in pain. Hot Rod runs over and begs his forgiveness.

Below, Starscream gives Megatron a kick as he signals the retreat. Megatron begs Soundwave not to leave him, and the loyal Decepticon communicator complies, picking up Megatron and retreating with him. Astrotrain transforms to train mode, gathering the troops inside him. The Decepticon triple changer then transforms to space shuttle mode and takes off.

Following the Decepticon retreat, the Autobots get Optimus Prime to the repair bay. Perceptor examines him and determines that his wounds are fatal. Daniel refuses to believe that Optimus can die, but Optimus tells him not to grieve, as soon he will be one with the Matrix. Optimus tells Ultra Magnus that he will leave the Matrix to him, but Ultra Magnus protests. He explains that he is only a soldier and not worthy of leadership.

Optimus tells him that he too was not worthy when he received the Matrix, but that one day an Autobot would rise from the ranks and light their darkest hour. Slowly but surely, Optimus' chest panels open up and he removes the Matrix. He tries to pass it on to Magnus, but he weakens and drops the mysterious object. The Autobots dive to catch it, and Hot Rod catches it causing a momentary glow of Matrix energy. He then passes the Matrix to Ultra Magnus who places it within his own chest compartment.

With the passing of the Matrix completed, Optimus Prime's eyes begin to flicker and his body turns grey as he dies.

In space, Unicron continues his route towards Cybertron. He somehow can see the Matrix being passed to Ultra Magnus, and he yells in fury!

Meanwhile, Astrotrain tells the Decepticons to unload some weight or he will not make it back to Cybertron. Hook suggests that only the most healthy Decepticons should remain onboard. Starscream puts this to a vote, and the Decepticons who are fully functional outnumber those who are not. The damaged
Decepticons are quickly tossed out of Astrotrain until only one damaged Decepticon remains: Megatron.

Starscream personally tosses Megatron out past the Decepticon leader's protests. The Decepticons are not totally unified however and they begin to argue amongst themselves as to who should be leader. The Constructicons merge into Devastator as Soundwave activates his cassette force. The ensuing battle
sends Astrotrain rocking around in space as he struggles to return to Cybertron.

Nearby in space, Megatron and the Decepticons slowly drift towards Unicron. Unicron welcomes the Decepticon leader, and proposes a bargain. In exchange for destroying the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Unicron will provide Megatron and his troops with new bodies and a new ship. He explains that his only weakness is the Matrix. Megatron believes he has already destroyed the Matrix, but Unicron tells him that Ultra Magnus now carries the Matrix.

Megatron is defiant, so Unicron agrees to send Megatron back to oblivion. Megatron changes his mind, and a new type of transformation takes place. One by one, Unicron changes the Decepticons. Megatron is given a new form and identity: Galvatron. The other Decepticons are turned into Scourge, the tracker and his huntsman, the Sweeps. Two Decepticons are turned into Cyclonus and a warrior that looks just like him. Unicron opens up a panel and reveals a new
ship which he gives to the Decepticons. Galvatron orders the Decepticons to return to Cybertron as Unicron reminds them of their mission: destroy the Autobot Matrix!

On Cybertron, Starscream is at a coronation ceremony (complete with a golden grown on his head) when Cyclonus sweeps onto the scene. His cockpit opens up and Galvatron jumps out, calling the coronation a joke. Cyclonus transforms and stands by his leader. Starscream asks if Galvatron is Megatron, and Galvatron provides a hint by transforming to his cannon mode and blasting Starscream. The well placed shot disintegrates the treacherous Decepticon and the
Decepticon crown falls in front of Galvatron. He transforms and crushes the crown underneath his foot. He challenges any other Decepticon to fill Starscream's shoes, but no one steps up. Rumble asks what his name is, and Galvatron tells them - leading to the Decepticons cheering his name!

Meanwhile, Unicron has arrived! He approaches Moon Base One and activates his tractor beam. Jazz radios Earth where Blaster picks up the signal. Jazz warns them about Unicron and then the signal is cut off. On Moon Base One, Jazz and Cliffjumper get to a ship and try to fly away, but Unicron's pull is strong, and the two Autobots are sucked into his giant maw! The Autobot's darkest hour has begun.

To Be Continued...



Dinobot attack!

Sludge down

Slag takes down Devastator

No matter the cost

Optimus Prime

One shall stand

Throwing away your life



The blade




An Eternity


A leader fallen

Starscream orders the retreat

Fatal wounds


The Matrix revealed



Floating towards destiny

Megatron defiant


Scourge and the Sweeps


A new ship

Starscream for leader

Bad comedy

Cannon mode