Transformers: The Movie (Day 2 Review)

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  1. One of the options given to the writer of Transformers the Movie was to give it a harder edge than the television series. This is very evident when Optimus orders the Dinobots to "destroy" Devastator, not stop him or just fight him.
  2. Optimus Prime's battle with Megatron was one of the most spectacular Transformers one on one battles ever, and the line "One shall stand, one shall fall" almost made it to the last episode of Beast Wars where Megatron would use the line to taunt Optimus Primal.
  3. The death of Optimus Prime caused quite a backlash amongst fans. In the 80's, Hasbro had no idea that the death of a character they perceived as just a toy and an animated entity would cause such a strong reaction. With letters and calls pouring into Hasbro, Optimus was brought back a short time later in "The Return of Optimus Prime".
  4. Unicron's conversion of the Decepticons into the Sweeps, Scourge and Cyclonus led to a lot of speculation as to who became what. It can be safe to say the following:
    • Thundercracker/Skywarp: Scourge
    • Kickback: A Sweep
    • Shrapnel: A Sweep
    • Bombshell: Cyclonus
    • Thundercracker/Skywarp: Armada
  5. A note of personal preference: I always preferred Galvatron's growling, deep voice in the movie as opposed to his voice in the series, which was more high pitched.

Animation flubs, oddities and continuity glitches:

  1. The Autobot Sunstreaker is seen co-piloting the Autobot shuttle, but earlier in the movie, he was helping Kup move the sign blocking Lookout Mountain!
  2. One Dinobot is noticably absent: Snarl. He will appear later, but even then only for brief periods. This oddity has never been explained.
  3. While Megatron has Hot Rod hostage and blasts Optimus, the color of the gun he is using changes momentarily. In most scenes, it is purple. In the scene where they do a close up of Megatron and the gun, it turns black.
  4. When Optimus Prime reaches into his chest to take out the Matrix, he removes only the ball in the Matrix while the actual Matrix holder itself remains. Then, in the next scene, the entire Matrix unit is removed.
  5. Watch as Ultra Magnus puts the Matrix into his chest compartment. He puts it in, then reaches in again to adjust it again as if he put it in the wrong place the first time.
  6. Some people have pointed out that Astrotrain asking to jettison weight makes no sense in the context of space travel since weight should not be an issue in space. Although this may be true, mass is still an issue in space and it is likely the extra mass prevented Astrotrain from making it back to Cybertron safely.
  7. Despite having been turned into either Scourge or Armada earlier, Thundercracker appears running out of the way as Cyclonus interrupts Starscream's coronation.
  8. Later in the movie, the Sweeps would appear to have increased their numbers despite only two being shown in the creation sequence. Also, later on audiences noticed that the Insecticon Shrapnel appears despite being changed into a Sweep. Fans have pointed out that the Insecticons turned into Sweeps and Cyclonus were most likely the clones of the Insecticons. In the early episodes featuring the Insecticons, it was shown that they could use surrounding materials to create swarms of themselves. These clones who were changed may have had the ability to clone themselves as needed. This is of course just speculation.