Transformers: The Movie (Day 3 Synopsis)

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Unicron has devoured Moon Base One and moon base two is next! Spike and Bumblebee manage to contact the Autobots on Earth. They tell them they will try to stop Unicron, and their signal is disrupted. Daniel cries out for his father.

On Moon Base Two, Bumblebee and Spike have rigged the entire base to explode once Unicron chews down on it. The two get to an Autobot ship and blast off as Unicron takes Moon Base Two into his giant maw. The moon explodes and the explosion is tremendous, rocking the Autobot ship around. Bumblebee and Spike laugh, believing Unicron has been destroyed, but when they look at their monitor, they see the gigantic planet eater is very much alive! Like Jazz and Cliffjumper, the two are sucked into Unicron.

Observing this from Cybertron, Galvatron is angered. Through his connection with his creations, Unicron tortures Galvatron, wracking the Decepticon leader's body with pain. Scourge reminds Galvatron that they belong to Unicron. Defiantly, Galvatron mutters that he belongs to no one. Through the pain, Unicron has delivered a command and Galvatron obeys, ordering the Decepticons to Earth!

On Earth, Ultra Magnus tells the Autobots that they must stop Unicron before he devours Cybertron. Daniel is concerned about Spike and Ultra Magnus promises him that he will do everything he can to help Spike. Springer's more immediate concern is how the Autobots will stop Unicron. Ultra Magnus speculates that the Matrix may be able to stop it. Hot Rod seems to have a sudden thought as he blurts out that it can. Kup asks his young friend how he is so sure.
Hot Rod responds that he just has a feeling about it.

Suddenly, Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps appear in the sky over Autobot city! The Autobots scramble as they are strafed with firepower. Galvatron, piloting Cyclonus, swears to destroy Ultra Magnus. Magnus fires back, promising that Galvatron would die trying. The Autobots try to race to the shuttles with the Decepticons firing at them the whole way.

The Autobots split up into two groups. Hot Rod and Kup board one shuttle with the Dinobots as Ultra Magnus, Blurr, Springer, Daniel, Perceptor and Arcee board another shuttle. The two ships take off and manage to get away from the Decepticons for now.

On board one of the shuttles, Kup tells old war stories to the Dinobots as Hot Rod practices fighting with a practice robot. Suddenly, their shuttle is rocked with firepower. The Decepticons have found them! On board the Decepticon ship, Galvatron launches a volley of missiles at Hot Rod and Kup's ship. Kup remembers a similar situation from his past and inverts polarities, causing the missiles to explode. Galvatron is not giving up however. He dispatches Cyclonus, who makes quick work of the shuttle, sending it crashing into a nearby planet.

Ultra Magnus' shuttle is next as Galvatron launches weapon after weapon. Realizing that the Decepticons will not leave the Autobots alone until they see them destroyed, he orders the ship to be separated. The rear portion detaches just as Galvatron's missiles hit their mark. As the ship explodes, the
Autobots escape in the forward section of the ship.

Galvatron believes the Autobots are destroyed, but Unicron quickly tortures him and orders him to return to him!

Meanwhile, the Autobots have escaped, but their ship is hardly sufficient to get them to Cybertron. Ultra Magnus tells Perceptor to find a world where they can settle down for repairs. Perceptor does some quick calculations and mentions the planet of junk nearby.

Meanwhile, in the underwater jungles of Quintessa, Hot Rod struggles for his life. Held captive by cybernetic, underwater plants, mechanical fish with razor sharp teeth chomp at him. He calls out for the others, but only hears a muffled call for help. Hot Rod quickly activates his wrist mounted saws and slashes his way out of the plants and destroys a few fish in the process. He heads over to the source of the sound and finds Kup being held by a giant mechanical squid!

Hot Rod fires at the creature, causing it to drop Kup. But it quickly recovers and focuses on its new prey: Hot Rod himself! The creature grabs him with its tentacles but Hot Rod slashes through them and then destroys one of the squid's eyes. The squid has had enough, and in a roar of frustration it takes off, leaving a trail of ink to cover its escape. Hot Rod runs over to Kup who has been severely damaged. He asks Hot Rod to fix him, and the young Autobot dutifully gathers Kup's parts and takes him to the surface to begin repairs.

Elsewhere, Ultra Magnus and his crew crash land their shuttle on Junkion. The shuttle is pretty banged up, but everyone is okay. Daniel wants to help, but he'll need help. Arcee presents Daniel with Spike's old Exo-Suit. Daniel stumbles a bit at first, trying to get used to the mechanical suit. Eventually, he gets the hang of it and is able to join the Autobots outside.

Outside, the Autobots begin to salvage for parts. Unbeknownst to them, they are not alone. Out of the piles of garbage and junk, robots begin appearing everywhere, ready to strike!

Back on Quintessa, Hot Rod completes Kup's repairs. The two head off to find the Dinobots but run into a group of mechanical sea creatures. The creatures are capable of transformation, and all transform into their robot modes. Kup tells Hot Rod not to be hostile, and instead let him use the "Universal Greeting" of "Bah Weep Granah Weep Ni Ni Bong". Hot Rod is amused but Kup tells him to quickly give the creatures energon goodies as signs of good faith. The appetite of the creatures is voracious and they begin exhausting the supply of energon goodies. Once the supply has run out, the creatures are infuriated and transform back into their beast modes and jump on the two Autobots, taking them captive. In the distance, another Transformer has been watching the events unfold and follows the captured Autobots to the Quintesson castle and then turns away.

Inside, Kup reminisces about how the Quintesson castle resembles a slave mine he was once in. The two Autobots are brought to the main judgement chamber where an unknown robot is awaiting a verdict over a pit of Sharkticons. The cruel Quintessons render a verdict of innocent, but proceed to drop the robot into the pit anyway, much to the delight of the Sharkticons who devour their new prey. The five headed Quintesson laughs, each of its heads turning to view the execution. Hot Rod and Kup witness this and are horrified. They are ushered into their cell for what appears to be a deadly fate!

To Be Continued...

Where did that come from?

Jazz and Cliffjumper

A faint signal

Devouring Moon Base One



Ultra Magnus

What can stop Unicron?


Stay with me

Cyclonus fires



Tell story!

Shuttle damaged

Towards Quintessa

Perceptor at work

Hot Rod


Fighting the squid


Exo suit

Daniel in exo suit


The welcome committee

Universal greeting

Not happy

Taken prisoner


Quintesson judge