Transformers: The Movie (Day 3 Review)

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Day three of Transformers: The Movie sets up the rest of the movie. With the older generation of Transformers (for the most part) out of the spotlight, we the audience get a chance to get to know these new Transformers through their interaction with each other and their situations.


  1. This part of the movie has one of the most significant pieces of dialogue in the history of Transformers. As Spike and Bumblebee realize that their plan to blow the moon up inside Unicron has failed, Spike yells a curse (one that would not make it on network television). At the time, this was fairly gutsy for an animated feature. So gutsy that when the film was released on video in the eighties, that scene was redubbed so the curse was removed. Subsequent versions of the movie (such as the current DVD) have restored this piece of dialogue.
  2. The fact that Unicron does not need to be in physical contact with Galvatron to torture him is significant. Obviously the giant planet keeps tabs on all its creations, especially those who have the potential to rebel such as Galvatron.
  3. Hot Rod's intuition about the Matrix is clue number two that he is the "chosen one" to carry the Matrix. Clue number one was the "glow" the Matrix gave off when he caught the Matrix after Optimus Prime dropped it.
  4. More focus is drawn on Hot Rod as he tackles the underwater squid without any fear or doubt. This allows us to see that although impulsive, the young Autobot is also very brave.
  5. This part of the movie marks the return of "wrist mounted accessories" for the Autobots with Hot Rod's saw. You may recall that in the first episodes of the Transformers "More than meets the eye", the Autobots had wrist mounted weapons/devices that they could activate by retracting their hands. These were not used a lot during the course of the television series, so it is nice to at least see them in the movie.

Animation flubs, oddities and continuity glitches:

  1. When the Decepticons come to Autobot city and strafe the Autobots, for a moment we see the Dinobot Snarl running from the firepower, but then he disappears for the rest of the movie.
  2. It is odd that once the Autobots took off in their shuttles, Galvatron could not keep up with them. Are the shuttles that much faster than Cyclonus and the Sweeps? The time lapse can be explained by Galvatron having to return to his ship first, but still if the shuttles are that fast, how did Cyclonus shoot Hot Rod and Kup down?
  3. This part of the movie shows Hot Rod using a different transformation sequence. In the beginning of the movie, Hot Rod transformed by basically having the vehicle mode stand up. Now, this part of the movie shows Hot Rod's robot arms twisting around before he collapses down into vehicle mode.