Transformers: The Movie (Day 4 Synopsis)

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In their cell on Quintessa, Kup and Hot Rod try to figure out where they are. A fellow prisoner explains to them that they are on Quintessa, a world ruled by the Quintessons and their legions of Sharkticons. The prisoner introduces himself as Kranix. He explains that his world of Lithone was destroyed by Unicron. Hot Rod asks who Unicron is and Kranix explains that he is a giant planet that devours entire worlds. The Autobots now have a name to place with their enemy.

Suddenly, the Quintesson guards rush into Kranix's cell to take him for judgement. Hot Rod tries to get through his bars to get to Kranix, but he is shocked and tossed back. Kranix begs the guards to let him go since he is the last survivor of Lithone, but they don't listen and quickly place him on the plank over the Sharkticon pit. Kup and Hot Rod watch helplessly as the Quintessons pass judgement, and feed Kranix to the Sharkticon horde.

In another part of Quintessa, the Dinobots try to find Kup and Hot Rod. Swoop flies around but cannot find the pair. Grimlock swears that the Dinobots are going in the right direction, but Slag questions his leader's judgement. Just before Slag accidentally falls into a pit, Grimlock knocks him aside, saving his comrade. The two aren't happy though and begin to bicker.

Suddenly, a young Autobot boy greets them, but Grimlock is not happy to see this Transformer and swats him. The Autobot boy responds by using a sling shot to hit Grimlock in the nose with an energy shot. The boy introduces himself as Wheelie, and tells the Dinobots that he will help them find their friends and save them, and the Dinobots are off with their newfound ally to save Kup and Hot Rod.

Meanwhile in space, Galvatron questions Unicron as to why he tortured him. Galvatron explains that Ultra Magnus is dead and the Matrix destroyed. Unicron
tells him that he is wrong, that Ultra Magnus still lives on the planet of junk. He orders Galvatron to stalk him, tear him apart and destroy the Matrix!

On Junkion, the Junkions watch as the Autobots repair their shuttle. Before they can take any action, the Decepticons arrive! The Decepticons quickly destroy the Autobot shuttle, and the Autobots scatter. Blurr tells Daniel to transform via his exo-suit. Just as Daniel is confronted by Bonecrusher and Shrapnel, he transforms the suit to vehicle mode and escapes from the two Decepticons.

Ultra Magnus orders the Autobots to stay inside a pile of junk, hidden and safe. He blasts the pile of junk around them to hide them just as Galvatron and Cyclonus confront him.

Galvatron orders Magnus to give him the Matrix, but Ultra Magnus will not surrender. Ultra Magnus tries to unleash the power of the Matrix but it will not open. The Sweeps blast Ultra Magnus until he is destroyed and Galvatron captures the Matrix! Galvatron is pleased, and promises to use the Matrix to enslave Unicron. Through their shared mental link, Unicron hears this and roars in anger!

On Quintessa, Hot Rod and Kup are now on trial. The two are still being held by energy bonds so they cannot transform. The Quintessons tell them that they can beg for their lives, and that it "sometimes helps". Hot Rod expresses his pure contempt for the court and the two are sentenced to die. The plank falls and the two drop towards the Sharkticons.

As the two fall, the energy bonds disappear and the splash into the water realizing that there are more Sharkticons than they can destroy with weapons alone. Kup suggests holding a demolition derby and the two transform into vehicle mode and begin driving around the circular tank over and over, causing the water to rise and Sharkticons to spill out of the tank everywhere. The two knock the Sharkticons around in vehicle mode before transforming back into robot mode.

The Sharkticons are not so easily defeated however. More charge towards the pair, but Hot Rod takes more out with his arm mounted lasers while Kup rips the barbed tail off of one and uses it as a weapon to smash some more Sharkticons into submission. The two fight on, trashing Sharkticon after Sharkticon. But soon, the numbers are too overwhelming and the Sharkticons pounce on the two.

At that moment, the Dinobots come crashing into the building! The Sharkticons turn their attention away from Hot Rod and Kup to seek out their new prey. Grimlock promptly smashes several Sharkticons under his foot while Swoop uses a fallen Sharkticon to bomb another group. Soon, the Sharkticons realize they're outmatched and cease their assault. Grimlock orders the Sharkticons to execute the Quintessons, and they gladly oblige.

Grimlock introduces Wheelie to Hot Rod and Kup. Wheelie points towards an odd spiral looking building and tells them that it is really a ship. The Autobots now have a way off the wild world of Quintessa.

On Junkion, the Autobots look on helplessly at the smoking pieces of what was once Ultra Magnus. Suddenly, the Junkions appear out of nowhere and begin to chase the Autobots down! They try to escape but the Junkions are virtually unstoppable. Every time they fall apart or get knocked down, they reconstruct themselves and continue their relentless assault. Finally, Springer and the Junkion leader, Wreck Gar fight sword to axe. Just as it seems Springer might lose, Daniel knocks the Junkion leader down with a steel beam.

At that moment, an odd spiral shaped ship appears in the sky and lands on the planet. The door opens and reveals Hot Rod, Kup, Wheelie and the Dinobots! Kup is ready to attack, but Hot Rod offers an energon goodie and the universal greeting. Wreck Gar repeats the greeting, and the energon goodie. The next thing the Autobots know, the Junkions become their allies, even helping to reconstruct the fallen Ultra Magnus! He awakens and explains that the Matrix is gone. They realize that Galvatron has it, and they have to stop Unicron before all is lost.

The Junkions are enthusiastic and reveal a ship of their own buried in the piles of garbage on Junkion. The Junkions race to their ship as the Autobots split up between the two ships. The pair lift off to challenge the monster planet to the death!

To Be Continued...




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