Transformers: The Movie (Day 4 Review)

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Day four of Transformers: The Movie begins a series of events which truly lead the Autobots into their darkest hour. It also gives the characters of Hot Rod and Kup a chance to shine while introducing new races to the Transformers universe.


  1. Although Kranix identifies himself as the "last survivor of Lithone", the animators made sure that Lithone body design would not go away. Years later, the same body design would be used for members of the Nebulan Hive in the three part "Rebirth" series which focused on the Headmasters and Targetmasters.
  2. In the comic book file of the Quintessons, the Quintessons were originally written as creatures who captured anyone who escaped Unicron's grasp. However, the cartoon series would later show the Quintessons as the creators of the Transformers race. Such divergent origins are not unusual in the Transformers universe (especially when comparing the "comic book universe" to the "TV universe"), and this is just one interesting example.
  3. It is interesting to note that in the original Transformers toy line, the Sharkticon was just one Transformer named Gnaw who was a Decepticon by affiliation.
  4. Although this was not featured in the movie, Wheelie would later prove to serve some of the role that Bumblebee did in the original series. He was the "token young Autobot". To further this, he would become friends with Daniel, thus creating a similar relationship that Bumblebee and Spike had in the original series.
  5. In the version of Ultra Magnus' execution, the Sweeps shot out energy beams that grabbed on to his arms and legs. He was then pulled apart into pieces. This was deemed to gory of a death (even for a robot), so the "blasted to death" scene was used instead. However, you will note when the Sweeps fire their beams, they fire continuous beams, not separate laser shots, so some of the original cut made it in.
  6. In the fight scene with Wreck Gar, we see one of the few times in the movie and television series where Springer uses his vehicle mode and sword.

Animation flubs, oddities and continuity glitches:

  1. Wheelie's origins were never covered in the movie (or later in the post-movie television series either). However, in a children's book called "Wheelie, the wild boy of Quintessa" (which is not necessarily in the same timeline as the movie), it was revealed that Wheelie crashed on Quintessa with his parents who were lost. Some exposition on why Wheelie was all alone on Quintessa would have been nice.
  2. Although not necessarily a flub, Sharpnel's appearance seems to add credence to the idea that the Insecticons that were turned into new Decepticons by Unicron were perhaps the "clones" of the Insecticons and not the primary trio themselves.