Transformers: The Movie (Day 5 Synopsis)

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Unicron has arrived at Cybertron, and Galvatron has joined him. Galvatron is not content to be a servant of Unicron any longer and shows his master the Autobot Matrix chained around his chest. He commands Unicron to do his bidding, or taste his wrath.

Galvatron tries to bolster his point by opening the Matrix, but the mysterious device will not open. Unicron tells Galvatron that he has underestimated him, and at that moment the world begins to fall apart, shift and change!

As Galvatron watches in horror, Unicron's entire body begins to change form as parts reveal themselves while others move into hidden compartments. Unicron's mighty arms swing out from the rear of the planet and his gigantic, horned head reveals itself. The transformation is slow, but Galvatron is frozen with fear and awe the entire time.

Once Unicron has finished his transformation, he tells Galvatron that for a time, he had considered sparing Cybertron. But for his betrayal, he would now rip it apart! Galvatron howls in fury but it is too late, Unicron flies towards Cybertron with the intent to destroy!

Unicron begins his assault by slamming his open hand onto a Cybertronian city, crushing it. The planet shakes as Shockwave orders the Decepticons to scramble. A group of Decepticon jets attack Unicron while Galvatron's space ship joins into the fight. Unicron destroys the jets without much effort as Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and fires at the giant. Unicron picks Galvatron up with two fingers and promptly eats him, sending the Decepticon
leader into the depths of Unicron's body.

The Autobot ships have arrived, and Springer can't believe what he's seeing. Hot Rod asks Kup if this reminds him of anything, and for the first time the old Autobot admits that he has never seen anything like this before.

Daniel's concerns are more pressing. He asks what happened to his father and Moon Base Two. Hot Rod promises him that they're going to find out.

Unicron has spotted the two ships and turns his attention to them. He fires off a blast from his mouth and it hits the Junkion ship. The ship is damaged but the Junkions quickly work to patch it up as Ultra Magnus and Perceptor look on, concerned.

Unicron then fires another blast which tears the Quintesson ship in two. The front of the ship spirals towards Unicron, and its sharp edge penetrates his eye and the ship crashes through. The Autobots and Daniel fall out of the ship as Unicron grabs his eye in pain.

Springer, Arcee, Kup and Daniel all land in the same general area, but Hot Rod is separated from them. Daniel wonders where Hot Rod is, but at that moment Unicron's inner defenses kick in and start chasing the Autobots!

Meanwhile, Hot Rod tries to find his way around the inside of Unicron until he runs across Galvatron. Galvatron proposes that they work together against Unicron, but the monster planet tortures him and forces him to attack Hot Rod. Hot Rod runs for it and hides, angering Galvatron.

Outside, the assault on Unicron continues as he tries to destroy all the ships and Transformers attacking him. The Dinobots take this as their chance to attack, assaulting of all places, Unicron's rear end. They manage to do some damage, but Unicron quickly forces their retreat by trying to grab them. Grimlock decides that he needs a new strategy.

Inside Unicron, the Autobots and Daniel are running from his internal defenses. Daniel trips and falls, and the defenses quickly swarm around him. He tries to knock them away but the Autobots come to the rescue. Arcee destroys the devices, but then causes a flood which sweeps the Autobots and Daniel away.

Once the water subsides, Daniel finds himself in a room where robots are being tossed into a vat filled with molten material, converting the bodies of the robots into energy for Unicron. Daniel looks up to see that among those about to be destroyed are Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper and his father, Spike! Spike tells his son to use the exo-suit to blast the covers of the vat down. Daniel plays with the various buttons on his suit until the familiar transformation sound kicks in and the arms convert to weapons. He blasts the covers and they crash down just in time to save Spike and the Autobots!

Elsewhere, Galvatron tries to call Hot Rod out. Just when the Decepticon leader has his back turned to Hot Rod, he attacks! He knocks Galvatron around and then runs at him, firing away. Unfortunately, Galvatron gains the upper hand and begins strangling the young Autobot.

Outside, the Junkion ship fires at Unicron, but the giant manages to grab it with his hand and crushes it, tearing it to pieces. When he tosses the ship away there is not much left of it except scrap metal.

Galvatron continues strangling Hot Rod, lamenting that Autobots are so easy to kill. At that moment, Hot Rod grabs the Matrix and it begins to open! The darkest hour has arrived, and the chosen one has risen from the ranks to claim his place. Hot Rod breaks the chain from Galvatron's neck and stands up, opening the Matrix. Then, a haunting but familiar voice tells Hot Rod to rise up as Rodimus Prime. The voice is Optimus Prime! Galvatron tries to stop the Matrix from opening by blasting Rodimus. The Matrix protects the Autobot and the blasts do no damage. However, they do knock the Matrix out of his hands.

Galvatron is too late, however. The transformation has taken place and Rodimus Prime is born! He charges at Galvatron and after a brief struggle, knocks the Decepticon leader through Unicron's body and into deep space to parts unknown.

Now, without interference, Rodimus Prime picks up the Matrix and opens it fully, allowing its mysterious energies to bathe Unicron. Unicron's systems all begin to explode, including his inner defense systems. The Autobots wonder what is going on until they see Rodimus Prime running towards them. He orders everyone to transform and roll out, leading the way. The Autobots crash through Unicron's other eye and drift towards Cybertron as the gigantic monster begins to fall apart.

Unicron's head detaches from his body just as it explodes! The head winds up in orbit of Cybertron as the Autobots return to their homeworld.

On Cybertron, the Autobots gather to see their new leader, including the survivors from the Junkion ship. Rodimus Prime declares that this should mark the end of the Cybertronian wars and usher in a new age of peace and happiness. The Autobots have survived their darkest hour and the day is won!

Not the End

Unicron in planet mode

See this!


Transformation continues


The true Unicron revealed!

Unicron in robot mode


Cybertron under attack


The Decepticons scramble


The ships arrive

The crew on the Quintesson ship


Junkion ship under attack


One eye smashed

The Matrix

Unicron's attack continues

The Dinobots strike





Hot Rod fights Galvatron


Galvatron gains the upper hand

The Matrix opens!

Arise, Rodimus Prime

Rodimus Prime

Rodimus opens the Matrix

Unicron's destruction begins


Transform and roll out!

Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode

Jazz, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper


Unicron's end


Til all are one

The remnants of a monster