Transformers: The Movie (Day 5 Review)

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The Transformers: The Movie
Day 5 Review

Day five of Transformers The Movie caps off an exciting adventure. It also takes the Transformers universe in a whole new direction, opening up the scale of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict from an Earth/Cybertron based battle to one that spans the galaxy.


  1. In what was surely a bit of a joke by the animators, watch carefully as Unicron's transformation finishes up. When the shot from his stomach up is revealed, two of the parts that disappear from view are two tube like parts that resemble batteries. One one is a "+" and the other a "-"!
  2. The concept of the Matrix lighting a "darkest hour" would repeat itself several times down the line. In "The Return of Optimus Prime", Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to end a plague. In Beast Wars Neo, Big Convoy can hook his Matrix up to his cannon to fire powerful blasts.
  3. Rodimus Prime's short portrayal in the movie is a sharp contrast to how he was played in the following television series. Here, thinking the war is won and over, Rodimus is happy and excited. Once the war resumed, Rodimus became sullen and brooding.
  4. It was nice to see the group shot at the end included some original characters. Although they would not be prominantly featured anymore, it was good to see them not completely forgotten.

Animation flubs, oddities and continuity glitches:

  1. When Unicron finishes his transformation and prepares to fly towards Cybertron, look at his face carefully. It is actually a different face than the one that he has for the rest of the movie, lacking the "beard" underneath the mouth. This is most likely due to this sequence being animated before the final model for Unicron was decided upon.
  2. It was never implicitely stated just where the Dinobots were before they attacked Unicron. It is possible they were on the Quintesson ship and abandoned it when Unicron split it in half.
  3. The three Decepticon jets Thrust, Ramjet and Dirge are clearly shown attacking Unicron and getting destroyed as he chewed down on them. However, in later episodes of the television series, Thrust and Dirge are shown as having survived the attack.