Beast Wars the Second: The Movie

Beast Wars the Second

Beast Wars the Second brought about an event that had not been done since the 80's: a theatrical Transformers release. This section will cover this release and includes a large amount of screen captures. Because of this, the screen captures begin in the Introduction and run through Acts 1-3. The "Acts" are my own separation scheme so you don't have to download over fifty images at one time.

General information on the Beast Wars the Second Movie.

Act One
The adventure begins as a mysterious ship crashes on Gaia!

Act Two
The Destrons have the control unit for the strange ship, does that mean they will manage to conquer the Cybertrons?

Act Three
The Destrons have opened the gate to bring Megatron to them, but is that who comes through?

Movie Review
A review of the theatrical Beast Wars the Second adventure.