Beast Wars the Second: The Movie (Act 1)

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In space above the planet Gaia the pirate Seacon vessel flies triumphantly, firing madly at the Tripledacus team. Nearby, DJ blows on his trumpet as Motorarm and Gimlet appear on the scene, each brandishing their own instruments. The team immediately fires on the vessel, scoring several hits. Suddenly, the Seacons make their presence known as Halfshell fires a huge blast at the trio!

The Seacons unite and form God Neptune. DJ, Gimlet and Motorarm
respond in kind by combining into Tripledacus. The two giants trade blows until God Neptune fires his arms and holds Tripledacus in place, dealing him a crippling blow. Before the battle can continue however, a giant vessel crashes into them, separating them from each other. God Neptune is caught in the collision and separates into his five components. The side of the ship hits Tripledacus, separating him as well. As the Cybertrons and Destrons go flying into the distance, the vessel continues its ominous path towards Gaia.

At the Cybertron base the ship has appeared on the radar screen. The Cybertrons are concerned by the appearance of this giant craft. Galvatron however, is thrilled. He feels a kinship with the vessel and believes it will bring the Destrons good fortune.

Meanwhile, the Cybertrons watch on their viewscreens as the ship crashes in the ice regions of Gaia. Lioconvoy immediately wants to investigate, but Liojunior volunteers for the mission. The older Cybertrons protest, including Bighorn and Apache. Kid, feeling sympathy for Liojunior offers to go with him to investigate the ship. The older Cybertrons still protest, but Kid promises to take responsibility. Lioconvoy finally agrees and Liojunior is thrilled!

At the icy cold crash site, the Magnaboss team and Tasmania Kid approach the ship. Liojunior enters first, followed by Skywarp and then Kid and Santon. He begins pressing controls and the chamber lights up. Skywarp presses some controls too, trying to undo whatever Liojunior did. The two begin to argue until Santon and Kid interrupt them. Suddenly, the ship's computer comes to life and says that the teleport gate is ready, but the control unit needs to be set. Kid explains that the gate can bring any Transformer in history and bring them to through the gate.

The ship slowly lowers the control unit, when suddenly Max-B crashes onto the scene. He grabs the control unit and shoots back out of the ship where the other Cyberbeasts are waiting!

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