Beast Wars the Second: The Movie (Act 2)

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Liojunior is furious and despite the others trying to hold him back, he goes after the Cyberbeasts. A battle ensues as Kid, Skywarp and Santon join the fray. Liojunior tells Skywarp and Santon to merge with him to form Magnaboss, but upset over his immaturity, they refuse. Hellscream fires a powerful blast at Liojunior, pinning him against a wall. He then follows up with the killing blow: a missile. However, Kid jumps in the way just in time and takes the hit for Liojunior. The Destrons pummel the Cybertrons as Liojunior protects Kid with his own body.

Suddenly, Lioconvoy and the Cybertrons appear on the scene! They quickly rain firepower on the Cyberbeasts and they retreat. Once Diver and Scuba take Kid back to the ship, Lioconvoy has a private conversation with Liojunior. He tells him that obtaining the control unit was not worth the life of a friend. He tries to remind him that Cybertrons fight to keep the piece. Liojunior argues that everything was worth it since the control unit can hold the key to defeating the Destrons. Too upset to think straight, Liojunior leaves, believing he has no more friends.

Meanwhile, the Autorollers are at work on the ship. Dirgegun reports that the Destrons need the control unit to activate the gate. Hellscream tells Galvatron that he has units searching for the runaway lion. Galvatron is amused that Lioconvoy has lost control of one of his own.

In the forest, Liojunior is running as fast as he can until a bomb drops in front of him! He dodges the explosion and is quickly stopped by Galvatron rising out of the ground! The Destron commander transforms and tells Liojunior he is there to help him. He tells Liojunior that there are many dangerous animals in the forest, but that he and the Destrons will protect him, provided that he give them the control unit. Liojunior refuses. Galvatron then offers the "truth". He explains that the teleportation gate is actually a planet destruction device. He goes on to explain that he needs the control unit to deactivate the device. Kid arrives on the scene, still wounded with a bandage on. He tells Liojunior notto believe the Destron. Liojunior sees this as an opportunity to save everyone and gain Lioconvoy's respect, so he goes along with the Destrons. When Kid tries to stop him, the blast him, knocking him unconscious.

At the ship, Liojunior hands over the control unit and then the Destrons tell him the real truth! Their plan is to open the gate and bring through Megatron! Liojunior is quickly locked away in a cell as the Destrons approach victory.

Meanwhile at the Cybertron base, Kid is revived. The older Cybertrons are fuming as they believe Liojunior has betrayed them. Kid defends the young Cybertron, explaining that he too knows what it is like to be the young warrior trying to gain respect. He tells them that Liojunior just wants approval, even at the cost of his own well being.

All is ready at the ship. Hellscream inserts the control unit and it opens up a gate! Suddenly, a large object drops through - clearly not Megatron. As it stands and crushes mountains beneath its clawed feat, the Destrons determine that Gigastorm made a mistake and brought through Manjin Zarak, a weapon far more powerful than Megatron!

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