Beast Wars the Second: The Movie (Act 3)

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The Destrons now control Manjin Zarak, and the dangerous Destron weapon proves its worth by destroying a mountain with a single blast. Then it transforms into an aircraft carrier and speeds towards the Cybertrons.

The Cybertrons meanwhile are in shock. They know of Manjin Zarak and realize what a threat it presents and prepare to mobilize against it.

Elsewhere, Manjin Zarak approaches land, worrying the Destrons. Galvatron is not worried however as he leads the ship onto land! Smashing through rock, the ship encounters a Cybertron shuttle and opens fire!

Inside, Liojunior works furiously at bending a bar in his cell. He finally succeeds and transforms to lion mode to squeeze out of the cage. Dirgegun and Thrustol see him and give chase. Liojunior fires at the pair but they do not slow down one bit. Suddenly, Skywarp and Santon arrive pouring on the firepower! The team combines and forms Magnaboss. They race to the ship, but Thrustol blasts him with a powerful missile. Magnaboss is wounded but manages to get into the ship. He runs to the control panel but finds it out of power. He rips out his own power and plugs it in, and through the gate a mysterious figure appears!

On Manjin Zarak's runway, Hellscream takes off like a jet, amused at being like a plane once again. At that moment, the Cybertrons arrive! The ground based Autorollers try to stop them, but Apache's missiles put a stop to them while Diver's bubble attack combined with Bighorn's lightning takes out Hellscream. Scuba's boomarang slices Autojetter, leaving only Gigastorm to defend Galvatron. Lioconvoy charges onto the deck and knocks Gigastorm off the ship. Galvatron is not worried however as he begins Manjin Zarak's transformation!

Manjin Zarak fires a powerful blast, scattering the Cybertrons. Galvatron believes he has won but a message signed "Convoy" appears on his screen, challenging him at coordinates B-2. Lioconvoy is damaged but hears the voice calling him as well. It is Convoy, the legendary Cybertron commander! Convoy explains what Magnaboss did to bring him to this world. This revives Lioconvoy and he breaks out of the rubble to find Magnaboss and the other Cybertrons waiting for him.

Convoy joins them and they begin to map out strategy. Lioconvoy orders Diver and Scuba to find a weak point on Manjin Zarak. The rest of the Cybertrons will attack Manjin Zarak.

High above Manjin Zarak, the Insectrons are monitoring its progress. They communicate its location. The strategy is to box him inside a canyon to fight him.

Galvatron continues merrily along until he sees the Cybertron ship above. He is shocked to see Convoy and Lioconvoy and curses himself for being fooled. He turns Manjin Zarak around and charges, but Magnaboss and Kid are waiting. He grabs onto the front of Manjin Zarak and using extra power provided by Kid, manages to flip the giant Transformer over on its side. Gigatron flies down in his base mode to catch Galvatron and leaves.

The battle is not over however. Manjin Zarak is alive! The giant aircraft carrier begins to transform into his robot form! At that moment, Scuba and Diver figure out that the third eye on Manjin Zarak's head is his weak point. Magnaboss fires blasts from his sword but they bounce right off the creature. Apache and Bighorn also contribute their firepower but to no avail. Manjin Zarak's horns light up and he calls lightning down from the skies which blasts the Cybertrons away.

Convoy and Lioconvoy both join their powers and become Burning Convoy and Flash Lioconvoy. Convoy smashes the eye, and then the two open up their Matrix chambers and blast Manjin Zarak to pieces!

The day is won, and Convoy tells the Cybertrons he must return to Energois. The Cybertrons destroy the gate once Convoy has left to prevent it from damaging the fabric of time and space. The battle is won, but the war is far from over!

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