Beast Wars the Second: The Movie (Intro)

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On December 19, 1998 the Beast Wars the Second Movie was released in theaters in Japan. Following the success of the Beast Wars franchise, this was not a movie in the traditional sense. Rather, the movie consisted of three main parts:

  1. An original animated adventure set in the Beast Wars the Second universe known as "Lioconvoy Kiki Ippatsu!"
  2. A compilation clip of Beast Wars Transformers episodes that summed up the story of Beast Wars thus far (and prepared fans for the upcoming Beast Wars Metals series).
  3. The Beast Wars second season episode "Bad Spark"

Takara did its best to make this release significant. At one theater during the premiere, two people were hired to be at the theater in a Beast Wars Convoy and Lioconvoy costumes! In addition to this, two special toys were released to coincide with the movie: Flash Lioconvoy and a redeco of the original ultra Optimus Primal toy in red with flames (to match his appearance in the movie).

Many Japanese fans were pleased to see Beast Wars the Second with better animation than the television series. Also, this movie offered them the chance to see an episode of Beast Wars' second season, something that would not air in Japan for another year.

The original Transformers movie did not do well at the box office, and I have no information on how well the Beast Wars the Second theatrical release did, however it was refreshing to see that Transformers could make it to the big
screen once more.