Sponsor News: "Power of the Primes" Wave 2 Pre-Orders at BBTS

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Sponsor News: "Power of the Primes" Wave 2 Pre-Orders at BBTS

Ben's World of Transformers sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted its preorders for the second wave of "Power of the Primes" figures! Pre-order your figures by following the links below and help support BWTF!

Prime Master Wave 2 set of 2 ($16.99)
Alpha Trion and Alchemist Prime join their fellow Prime Masters disguised as Landmine and Submarauder!

Legends Wave 2 set of 3 ($31.99)
This set features fan favorite, Tailgate (a redeco and retool of Windcharger), Battleslash and Roadtrap. Battleslah and Roadtrap can combine to form Battletrap.

Deluxe Wave 2 set of 5 ($89.99)
Featuring Blackwing, Moonracer, Rippersnapper, Dinobot Sludge and Dinobot Snarl! Save yourself a ton of hunting by ordering this whole set in one shot.

Voyager Wave 2 set of 2 ($64.99)
Featuring Elita-1 (a retool and redeco of Starscream) and Hun-Gurrr (a retool and redeco of Silverbolt). Add to your Combiner army with these two team leaders!

Leader Class Rodimus Unicronus ($64.99)
A redeco of the Wave 1 Rodimus Prime with a new head sculpt, based on the Shattered Glass version of the character.

Leader Wave 2 Set ($99.99)
Featuring a repack of Optimus Prime from wave one and Rodimus Unicronus, the evil version of Rodimus Prime!