Toy News: First look at "Transformers: BotBots"

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Toy News: First look at "Transformers: BotBots"

The folks over at TFW2005 have done some awesome sleuthing and offered a first look at the upcoming "Transformers BotBots"! While the trademark was first discovered in January, this is the first look fans have had at this line thanks to a small image from Hasbro's recent investor presentation. BWTF has blown up the small image for this news post, but a true official unveiling is said to be happening at MCM Comic-Con in London.

According to TFW2005, Botbots will be blindboxed featuring 72 characters across four waves with (incredibly wacky) names including:

  • Toilet Troop (5-Pack)
  • Techie Team (5-Pack)
  • Greaser Gang (8-Pack)
  • Jock Squad (8-Pack)
  • Spoiled Rottens (8-Pack)

With all the items revealed during New York Comic-Con 2018 long time fans should have no fear that these will take over as the primary focus of the Transformers line. "Generations", "Cyberverse" and the "Bumblebee" movie toy line are currently leading the way along with "Rescue Bots". These will most likely be a small sub-line that is capitalizing on the popularity of brands such as Shopkins.