Movies: "Bumblebee Cafe" Opens in Advance of the Japanese Release of "Bumblebee"

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Movies: "Bumblebee Cafe" Opens in Advance of the Japanese Release of "Bumblebee"

It may seem strange, but the "Bumblebee" Movie has not yet opened in Japan, the very country that helped give birth to Transformers in the 80's. The film is due out on March 22 and in advance of its release Japan is opening up a temporary "Bumblebee Cafe"! The cafe will feature Bumblebee and Transformers themed food items. Check out the details below (translated from Takara's web site via Google Translate):

★ Ikebukuro Parco Cafe · Address collaboration cafe "Bumblebee Cafe" information ★
The birth 35th anniversary and the latest work of the live-action movie "Transformers" series "Bumblebee" will be released in Japan on March 22nd (Fri) To commemorate, we will open a collaboration cafe 'Bumblebee Cafe' at the cafe · address Ikebukuro Parco store for a limited time period from March 8 (Fri) to March 31 (Sun) in 2019.

In this cafe, a photogenic collaboration menu featuring the main character "Bumblebee" of a new movie will appear, and illustrations of Bumblebee designed by Sanrio Co., Ltd. will be decorated and you can enjoy the fun world view with pops.

About Collabo Cafe "Bumblebee Cafe"
"Bumblebee Cafe" has the theme of the popular character "Bumblebee" which is the main character of the new movie "Bumblebee." While showing a brave activity in the fight, you can enjoy a pop and fun worldview that is perfect for Bumblebee, which is usually a friendly and comical character filled with charm.

◆ "secret message" from Bumblebee hidden
inside the store Multiple QR codes are hidden inside the store, and messages from Bumblebee flow when reading them. There are seven kinds of messages in all, and the voice of Bumblebee is the voice actor Ryohei Kimura who plays the role of Bumblebee in the movie "Bumblebee".

◆ Pretty Bumblebee designed by Sanrio appeared!
In addition to the visuals of Bumblebee appearing in the movie, the cute illustrations of Bumblebee, which Sanrio Co., Ltd. has designed, are also given to various places in the interior decoration.

◆ There are lots of "Bumblebee"!
Transformer's first animation work "Fight! Ultra Robot Life Transformers "and screenings of Bumblebee's success scenes in successive movies and 3D wind picture of Bumblebee? Bumblebee appears everywhere in the cafe, such as luncheon mats.

Movies: "Bumblebee Cafe" Opens in Advance of the Japanese Release of "Bumblebee"
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