Sponsor News from Captured Prey (December 22, 2017)

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Welcome! It's been a heck of a year in this hobby - we've seen some great toys revealed, some released, and more to come soon! With the lack of an official convention for collectors, unofficial shows are reaching new heights of size and offerings to fill the void. And with third parties dipping into new territory, like the Unicron Trilogy characters, there's really something great out there, official or not, for everyone.

As the year winds down, we will be wrapping our 17th year in business. We've seen a lot of changes in the landscape of this hobby and this fandom over those years, and we couldn't have done it without you. As a small token of appreciation, we'll be include a FREE bonus gift - as well as the free premium label sheet from our friends at ToyHax with every (boxed) order shipped, while supplies last. We hope you will enjoy it, and we can't thank you enough for your patronage!

Perfect Effect PE-DX09 Mega Doragon - $165.00
Fans Toys FT-24 Rouge - $100.00
Fans Toys FT-16 Sovereign 2nd Run - $155.00
Fans hobby MB-03B The Red Dragon - $124.00
TFC Toys TF-03 Wildhunter - $135.00
Unique Toys M-03 Kalecgos - $115.00
Ocular Max RMX-07 Riot Premium Edition - $64.00
Ocular Max RMX-06 Furor Premium Edition - $64.00
Mastermind Creations R-27SG Calidus Shadow Ghost - $99.00
Street Fighter x Transformers Ryu VS M. Bison - $125.00
Street Fighter x Transformers Ken VS Chun Li - $85.00
TFEvo TE-01 Hot Fire - $97.00
GCration GDW-02 Rebel - $105.00
Mastermind Creations R-32 Stray - $89.00
Mastermind Creations R-31 Ater Beta - $89.00

KFC Toys Phase 11A Stratotanker - $137.00
Maketoys RM-10 Galaxy Meteor - $99.00
Maketoys RM-11 Meteor - $115.00
Unique Toys R-01 Peru Kill - $121.00
Generation Toy GT-2 Tyrant - $145.00
Movie Masterpiece MPM-4 Optimus Prime - $120.00
GCreation GDW-03 Fuuma - $200.00
TFC Toys TF-02 Red Knight - $90.00
Perfect Effect PC-17 Core Magnus - $55.00

X-Transbots MM-IX Klaatu - $67.00
KFC Toys KP-15 E-Nergon Cubes - $9.00
KFC Toys KP-17 MP-24 Upgrade Kit - $16.00
Zeta Toys A-01 Takeoff - $58.00
Zeta Toys A-02 Whirlblade - $58.00
Mastermind Creations R-28 Tyrantron - $119.00
Titans Return Deluxe Wave 3 Triggerhappy - $17.00
Titans Return Deluxe Wave 4 Quake - $17.00
Titans Return Deluxe Wave 4 Krok - $17.00
Perfect Effect PC-16 Jinrai Prime - $55.00
Titans Return Legends Wave 5 Seaspray - $12.00
Titans Return Legends Wave 5 Cosmos - $10.00