Movie News: "Bumblebee" footage debuts at CinemaCon

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Movie News: "Bumblebee" footage debuts at CinemaCon

Yesterday Paramount Pictures held its panel at CinemaCon where it debuted footage from the upcoming "Bumblebee" movie! According to Deadline, director Travis Knight was in attendance along with stars Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena and Jorge Lendeborg Jr to introduce the footage. Here is the Deadline description of the footage:

"The video started off with Steinfeld’s character Charlie discovering an old yellow VW bug from her uncle’s junkyard. She begins to inspect the car when it launches into Autobots form. Bumblebee is initially frightened and shrinks in a corner before Charlie gains his trust. “I won’t hurt you,” she says to Bee. By the end of the meeting, we find out how Bee gets his name. “You sound like a little bumblebee. I’m going to call you that from now on."
Writer Eric Vespe, formerly of AintitCool and currently with Rooster Teeth was at the panel and had the following reaction: "The scene was an intimate, personal moment where Hailee Steinfeld meets Bumblebee for the first time. It's in her garage, they're both scared and slowly come to realize the other is kind and a potential friend."

When asked on Twitter about Bumblebee's appearance, Vespe said: "Seems less busy, a bit more streamlined. He had a bee-looking faceguard/battle helmet thing during some of the action sequences."

Hopefully this means a ramp up of the marketing for the film in the next few months. Bumblebee is due in theaters December 21, 2018.

*All images from CinemaCon are courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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